5/22/13 – Zion Valor


Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Zion Valor Salisbury made his intense arrival at 12:05 am, Wednesday May 22nd. 7#2oz.

Amazing miracle and gift … So grateful.

Working hard with constant nursing to fight low blood sugar issues he’s having from my insulin – more info to come on blog ….

Thank U for the love and prayers!

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Tomorrow, may be the day, friends.

I’m trying to not PLAN, and go with the flow… LOL

I was at the Doctors today, had a wonderful  NST, I’m 3cm dilated, and was given strict instructions to return immediately with any cramps or signs of labor.

I appreciated the day at home, sat at my desk while a friend helped with the kids, and caught up on paperwork and calls.

Dr. Grace is meeting me at the hospital at 7:30am tomorrow.  I will call at 6:30am to confirm.

All packed.

We shall see!

Trusting God to orchestrate all the details!

Many excited peoples here, to meet this little man soon…

Prayers appreciated!

Garden Blessing & Not One Plant!

Friday I kept busy, as to not pout about no-BIRTH-day.  Kim, Kiya and our Gang headed out to garage sales,  visited a lovely park, and went garden supply shopping.  Friday evening Irv and Hunter began turning the soil, but our machine broke.  Papa and Grandma Stephie came to the rescue … yay!  Papa returned Saturday morning with new parts, and Irv and Hunter were albe to till, fertilize and lay the plastic.  This beautiful Sunday afternoon, we spent three hours as a family planting, fencing, and finalizing the garden.   I’m so grateful and blessed.   If MY PLANS has happened Friday with birthing-day, we wouldn’t have this beautiful garden and memories this season.

I’m so grateful, and love these MIGHTY men of mine.



Hunter turning soil, and Irv helping get the plastic weed barrier in place.



Hunter helping me push down the tomato cages, as I lasted about 3 seconds and almost passed out from bending over with each one!




The rabbit-critter-darci war has begun, as Irv installs my little fence!





So blessed by this young man!



When Ving returned from his soccer tournament, he was chief babysitter so we could finish up!

Ving helping Dad finalize fence…




So grateful, so blessed.   Now to nurture and water – the garden and these souls ….



I know I plant WAY TOO MUCH into this little box every year …. but I can’t resist.

For those concerned with my crazy nesting issues – I DIDN’T PLANT ONE PLANT!!!

God’s plans … not mine

I stated a few weeks ago that my scheduled induction for May 17th was man’s best plans, unless God showed otherwise.

I imagined ‘otherwise’ to reveal an earlier birthdate.

Today, baby8 is still cooking. I feel really done.

Yesterday was rough. I’d made numerous arrangements affecting a multitude of people, completed my lengthy nesting-list , and I was shocked to have the birth cancelled today.

Thursday, I awoke at 4am feeling alert and ready for the day began. I headed to the store before 8am to finish up last minute shopping, picked up my sweet friend Kristina at 9:30, and arrived at hospital at ten.

I couldn’t remember what my amniocentesis with Judah had felt like, but as soon as the needle penetrated my belly it was too familiar! Ouch! Judah’s was a quick in and out, however, Salisbaby8 was about 3-5 minutes of intense pain. That’s a long time, friends! My uterus had a massive Contraction from the needle, and baby moved immediately into the needle and space the Doctor was Sampling from. I breathed purposefully, while my uterus remained contracted, and the doctor kept asking baby to move away! I had to focus on not passing out… It hurt.

After a few hours, Kristina and I went to lunch, yum … And enjoyed our girl time.

Dr. Grace called at 4:00 with the shocking news … Baby’s amniotic fluid didn’t pass the number showing his lungs were developed.

I had a tantrum and cried!

He’s 7-8 pounds, I’m hurting, and I’ve delivered multiple babies before this gestation. Speculation is my insulin shots have delayed lung development.

Irv had a meeting in the evening and I was so blessed to have two friends and children spontaneously hang out and provide dinner.

Irv returned home from his meeting and invited me on a 10:00pm date to Friendlys. We had fun, but didn’t sleep well, LOL.

I know God wants me to trust Him in the details.

So, I walk forward. I have another NST Monday. Possible baby-day Wednesday.

In the meantime, I’m praying about my new nesting-list.

I was planning to skip the garden planting this year, but today we purchased supplies and hope to plant this weekend as a family. We also hit some yard sales while we were out and I acquired some needed
baby items. A picnic at the park was a lovely break in the day … Just wonderful.

I attempted to attend the Ladies Dessert Fellowship at church tonight, but I returned home due to my regular, evening, intense mid-back pain.

This weekend holds sunshine, 4 soccer games for Ving at a tournament nearby, hopeful garden planting, church and naps!

I’m battling fear. Fear of the baby dying in my belly, fear of delivering unexpectly and unassisted like with Eden, fear of pain, and the fear of the unknown.

Just being honest. And, I’m not an anxious person! But it’s a battle.

Trusting God’s opening and closing of doors, His timing and His love.






de-throning … Thursday or Friday ???


This is my favorite photo – Judah realizing he is soon to be DE-THRONED!

We are excited for the next 2 days.  Tomorrow, Thursday I report to the hospital for amniocentesis and NST from 10-12.  If any concerns I will stay, but I believe that is unlikely.   Otherwise, I will continue to cross off my to-do list for the afternoon, enjoy an evening with the family, and then return to the hospital Friday morning at 7am.


 Last Friday, May 10th, was Tucker’s 10th birthday.  I’ve had so many intentions to blog, but it hasn’t happened.  Mostly due to the nesting-list,  but also exhaustion and pure procrastination.  If I write about stuff, it seems more real.  So, many days have been just survival… but all so filled with the grace of God for each moment.   Friday, Tucker’s 10th birthday, began with an impromptu planned photo shoot with sweet Kristina Smith Photography!  I love this girl, and her art is amazing.  Words can’t describe the fun, joy, and therapy it was for me to celebrate life and family on Tucker’s day, in this way.  I am thrilled with the photos and memories being captured.  Time stand still!




I already had these shirts from months prior, and the night before photos, Hunter and I ran to Old Navy and Target with 10 minutes until closing to find clothes.  It was fun.


I really do feel huge.  Even huger this past week, since this photo!  I wear black shirts mostly, but I admit I love this white dress of my belly.  As much as I am ready to meet this sweet little boy, I will miss his movements and this belly.



Please keep me in prayer, dear friends.

1.  Pray against FEAR.  Fear of unknown, new hospital & doctors, pain, and complications.

2.  Less than 2 hours of intense pain.  (I approach birth as a natural event, one that I was created and built to accomplish. But, also as a ‘sporting event’ of sorts, and keeping a time frame of pain endurance, before seeking intervention, helps me overcome.)

3.  Peaceful event.  Grace-filled nurses and health care providers.  Favor of God and man in details.  Spectators to be in awe of God, and drawn closer to Him.

4. Healthy Baby and Mama.

5.  Natural Induction.  We choose induction to reduce the complications of precipitous and unassisted delivery.  We also acknowledge my body isn’t 100% ready to birth.  After Dr. Grace breaks my water, I pray for my body to kick-in, ‘do it’s thing’ naturally, and not need any further intervention!


Sweet Blessings,