Prayer : Zion Valor


Please pray for Zion today.   We are currently on a 3-4 hour drive to Albany, NY for a 11:30  appointment for laser surgery of his tongue.

This past week has been full of feeding issues,  sleeplessness and doctor visits.  Zion has a significant posterior tongue tie, and has not been able to breast feed at all.  We’re have been battling pumping and attempting bottle feeding but he cannot suck the bottle correctly either.

In my determination to breast feed, God’s strength to endure, and taking each step as it has been presented,  we are driving.   Trusting.   Hoping.

While I hope this solves our current issues and restores our breast feeding relationship, I realize there might be more to work through.   But, I’m glad to not be in the operating room today consenting my 7 day old baby to general anesthesia – as String ENT was willing to schedule.

Please pray.   For safety, resolution, minimal pain, healing, and ability to suck!



Birth Day Visitors

Thanks sister – friends, for your love and treats!!! Precious memories …







5/22/13 – Zion Valor


Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Zion Valor Salisbury made his intense arrival at 12:05 am, Wednesday May 22nd. 7#2oz.

Amazing miracle and gift … So grateful.

Working hard with constant nursing to fight low blood sugar issues he’s having from my insulin – more info to come on blog ….

Thank U for the love and prayers!

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Tomorrow, may be the day, friends.

I’m trying to not PLAN, and go with the flow… LOL

I was at the Doctors today, had a wonderful  NST, I’m 3cm dilated, and was given strict instructions to return immediately with any cramps or signs of labor.

I appreciated the day at home, sat at my desk while a friend helped with the kids, and caught up on paperwork and calls.

Dr. Grace is meeting me at the hospital at 7:30am tomorrow.  I will call at 6:30am to confirm.

All packed.

We shall see!

Trusting God to orchestrate all the details!

Many excited peoples here, to meet this little man soon…

Prayers appreciated!

Garden Blessing & Not One Plant!

Friday I kept busy, as to not pout about no-BIRTH-day.  Kim, Kiya and our Gang headed out to garage sales,  visited a lovely park, and went garden supply shopping.  Friday evening Irv and Hunter began turning the soil, but our machine broke.  Papa and Grandma Stephie came to the rescue … yay!  Papa returned Saturday morning with new parts, and Irv and Hunter were albe to till, fertilize and lay the plastic.  This beautiful Sunday afternoon, we spent three hours as a family planting, fencing, and finalizing the garden.   I’m so grateful and blessed.   If MY PLANS has happened Friday with birthing-day, we wouldn’t have this beautiful garden and memories this season.

I’m so grateful, and love these MIGHTY men of mine.



Hunter turning soil, and Irv helping get the plastic weed barrier in place.



Hunter helping me push down the tomato cages, as I lasted about 3 seconds and almost passed out from bending over with each one!




The rabbit-critter-darci war has begun, as Irv installs my little fence!





So blessed by this young man!



When Ving returned from his soccer tournament, he was chief babysitter so we could finish up!

Ving helping Dad finalize fence…




So grateful, so blessed.   Now to nurture and water – the garden and these souls ….



I know I plant WAY TOO MUCH into this little box every year …. but I can’t resist.

For those concerned with my crazy nesting issues – I DIDN’T PLANT ONE PLANT!!!