Spring is…

… footie-jammie-painting on the deck!




… discovering sunglasses!




…being serious…




… picnics in the yard…




… always the season for pizza!




… discovering parks, sunshine, and sibling fun …. especially after garage sales!




… slower school mornings allow more time for snuggles in bed with Daddy!




… popsicles ON THE COUCH!!! while Daddy is babysitting …




… bare legs, cowboy boots, and sweatshirts for sunny, cool mornings.




… always the season for bibs when wearing a white polo shirt!




… mom declares quiet hour, when nobody is really tired, but they SLEEP!  YAY!





… sweet friends visiting and being a blessing…




… I love little-girl art!




… what else would an 11 year old do with candles?




… Grandpa’s birthday dinner celebration…



What a wonderful spring 2013 …  big-pregnant-and-all!!!





Ving is 13???? I still can’t believe it.   Closer to manhood – and I prefer the verbiage ‘Young Man’, rather that ‘teenager’ and all the negative associations that come with it.   Ving is a young man in transition, as we all learn and seek God’s wisdom in growing through these years.  He truly is a joy.



His siblings gave him his favorite breakfast special treat, Frosted Flakes!  Of which he eventually, kindly shared.



He loved his special treasures sent from Florida!



Ving’s birthday request was to have two friends over for him, two friends over for Hunter, and then direct and record a movie he had written.  Thank you to these young men’s parents for their flexibility in schedules to make this happen!



I these two photos are my favorites from his celebrations!   Isaiah, age 5, eagerly gathered all peoples to come to the front yard.  He had carried, dragged and arranged the chairs (above) for everyone to play a game, that ‘he saw on Max & Ruby’.  All the young men were so kind and adventurous to participate.  Isaiah explained how they had to walk up and down the aisles he had arranged while he played music, and we eventually realized he was attempting to play musical chairs.  The young men all helped him rearrange the chairs, and they had a blast playing – much more than they will EVER admit :)



Ving’s birthday treasure from his Daddy was a new video camera.  It’s been a fun addition to the family!




“Ving, we are so grateful the Lord has blessed us with 13 years of your life.  We love you tons, and are in awe of all the Lord is doing in your heart, mind, and body.  We continue to pray you seek and love the Lord in all you do,  obey His voice, love His Word, and cling to Him as you journey into manhood.  Be a young man of integrity and honor.  Work hard, be honest, diligent, and compassionate.   May you be a mighty man of God, warrior, and bring God glory in your everyday life.    Know you are a prince, royalty to the King of Kings – deeply loved and cherished!”

Traveling home …

Thanks friends for the prayers and love. He did well. Seems content and is not medicated. He was able to latch afterwards, but needs physical therapy and help with sucking. Expecting a long week of focused breast feeding training. His ability to suckle a bottle is amazingly different. Hopeful to be breast feeding exclusively ASAP. We are journeying home ….

Prayer : Zion Valor


Please pray for Zion today.   We are currently on a 3-4 hour drive to Albany, NY for a 11:30  appointment for laser surgery of his tongue.

This past week has been full of feeding issues,  sleeplessness and doctor visits.  Zion has a significant posterior tongue tie, and has not been able to breast feed at all.  We’re have been battling pumping and attempting bottle feeding but he cannot suck the bottle correctly either.

In my determination to breast feed, God’s strength to endure, and taking each step as it has been presented,  we are driving.   Trusting.   Hoping.

While I hope this solves our current issues and restores our breast feeding relationship, I realize there might be more to work through.   But, I’m glad to not be in the operating room today consenting my 7 day old baby to general anesthesia – as String ENT was willing to schedule.

Please pray.   For safety, resolution, minimal pain, healing, and ability to suck!



Birth Day Visitors

Thanks sister – friends, for your love and treats!!! Precious memories …