My Birthday Man


I thank God for this mighty man. Happy birthday sweetheart. Thank you for loving me as Christ loves the church, serving our family faithfully with excellence, and being an honorable, mighty man of God! We love you more than words or emotion can express.












Cookie Day

I believe there should be such a day, in the month of December. However, none of my children have any memories of a December cookie day with Mom. But, I do. It was Christmas of 2005, and I made some type of cookie with Hunter age 4 and Tucker age 2 1/2. I have a lovely picture of us wearing our aprons and using our kitchen helper stool. Grief has a way of unconsciously avoiding activities.tucker at sink

Last Christmas, great aunt Lynn and grandma made a fun kitchen day with Christmas activities and making bark. This December, it struck me suddenly, this lack of my children having a cookie day memory. I searched for a long-ago friend’s best cut out cookie recipe ever, and went to work. To work, that is, with my amazing mom at my side. I’m wise to know that one should not attempt such a mission without grandma.


Grandma even gets the credit for calling me from Wegmans, and picking up my missing ingredients. She also dropped off my Christmas gift, a prayer-dream of mine for many years, my first mixer ever! Don’t let my lack of ever owning a mixer, be a testimony to my baking skills. LOL.


I had to call my baking friends to find out if salted butter was allowed in cookies, and if I could substitute skim milk for regular milk or soy milk, and this was stressful details! Eden and I arose early to make dough, because it had to be refrigerated for three hours minimum. It was a fun early-morning activity.


The festivities began…




Judah is at a special age, and a constant reminder of the gift of Tucker. These next few pictures are some of my favorites from the day.




Ving had his friend Jeremiah over for a few hours in the afternoon before church to hang out. They were such fun to have in the kitchen. Jeremiah began rolling out dough and using his cookie cutter like a pro. I overheard Ving comment, “You look like you have done this before.” To which Jeremiah replied, “You look like you have not!” Lol.

Grandma just giggled as she taught Ving how to roll out dough, but to have it continuously wrap around the rolling pin and him keep on rolling. It then dawned on me, that my oldest son of almost 14, did not know how to make cutout cookies either!



And the decorating began…











Lots of pictures. Lots of memories.

So grateful for all these treasures the Lord has given me.

Lots of cookies. Lots of calories and I should-not-have-cookies-for-breakfast, mornings. Cookie day is fine for me once a year!

We had planned to make three different types of cookies, but this adventure took us six hours, so we were content with these!

My Riendeer & Gifts


Seeing our family does not celebrate our Christmas season with Santa, I was surprised to find these children playing a game at breakfast this morning. They placed red stickers on their noses to be Rudolphs, to pull Santa and his sleigh. I was cracking up! Never a dull moment.

We do teach our children about St. Nicholas and his part of history, but we do not play the Santa game. We do not want to take that attention away from the baby Jesus.

We do give our children each three gifts, reflecting the three Wiseman bringing baby Jesus three gifts. We attempt one gift to be a fun thing, another be something they wear or need physically, and a third be educational.

As our family grows, each year has changes. This year our children drew a sibling’s name out of a hat, and are being a “secret sibling giver”. They are excited, but haven’t been great with the secret part! LOL

Musical Sabbath

“My lips will shout for joy, when I sing praises to you; my soul also, which you have redeemed.” – Psalm 71:23


We started this Lord’s Day with a delightful choir singing Christmas specials at church. Our church usually does the Living, Singing, Christmas Tree – which Hunter was finally eligible to participate in this season. He was disappointed when he learned that there was not going to be one. I was so proud of him when he chose to still join the adult choir all by himself – and be the only non-adult! Brave, bold and praising The Lord.

Isaac also sang in the children’s choir. I loved listening to him practice around the house with his Ipod and headphones! I pray both boys continue loving to sing and worship ,
That they can continue to grow in voice skills and hopefully begin lessons again on 2014.

Irv treated us to a surprise lunch to celebrate, and Hunter chose Panera. Yummy and I was grateful for an easy lunch!

The three older boys had a Christmas piano recital also this afternoon. We made a quick departure for the senior living center , whose residents greatly enjoyed the performances. I have made multiple attempts to load the video but it isn’t working.

This was Isaac’s first recital, starting piano at age 7. He did great! This year is Ving and Hunter’s 8th year of piano! Ving is requesting to stop, continue with guitar and possibly consider keyboard for worship music. We are providing him with a goal oriented discontinuation, so he may retire his piano season in February after Federation recital. Hunter will continue through this year and hopefully next as well….

I’m thanking God for the provisions to take in-my-home music lessons! So grateful.

Girl Night

Happy 9th Birthday to sweet Kiya! Eden Grace and I enjoyed a fun girl night with Manicures, dinner at Red Robin and ending with watching The Sound of Music.


We love Kim and Kiya, and are blessed to call them family! What a lovely Princess of The Lord, Kiya is. I am excited to see all God has in store for her. I can’t believe it has been nine years since I watched her enter this world and breath life. God is faithful, awesome and good.