my favorite CEO

Okay.  I’m definitely a mom of boys.  And, one very big boy.   I love the biggest boy a lot.

He’s the King of my castle and my favorite CEO.

I know we’ve discussed this before. But, for another one, he’s a lot of fun.

Halloween?  We don’t celebrate it.   We love to remember the Reformation,  fall, and enjoy the all the pumpkins, apples, leaves, and fall festivities.

We wear costumes all-year-round.  In fact, Isaac has been Spider-man for three weeks now, and before that he was Buzz for a few months.

Irv, he dresses up as my favorite CEO all. the. time.

Last night, we drove around to various stores to acquire the needed equipment for him to dress-up as America’s Favorite CEO, today at the office.

He couldn’t resist the opportunity.


I couldn’t resist.


He even found the exact sneakers!

America,  mine’s more handsome than yours.

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3 Comments on “my favorite CEO

  1. LOL! You guys are so goofy! I love it! :o)

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