a promise is a promise

I did promise, and a promise is a promise! I promised an update on “darci world”. My promise was well intended, but I have been struggling to collect my thoughts and configure words.

God is working mightily in my heart, family, ministry, finances, and just everywhere. I’ve been living a daily adventure.  Following along where the Lord takes me, trusting, and praying for contentment and a thankful heart.

I admit I have been avoiding my blog. I’ve been waiting for a pause, an understanding or conclusion of some sort of it all that I could report on. Somehow, a written record of the ongoing workings seems premature without a conclusion. Or perhaps, a written record is an acceptance, or permanence of the changes that I am in the process of embracing. I’m rambling…

The past few days the Lord has revealed to me that there may never be a conclusion, closing thought or answer to my changes and heart proddings. The only sure thing, final destination and conclusion is Heaven. I must keep living each day as a daily adventure with Him, continuing to trust Him moment by moment.

So my bloggy friends, I am on vacation. Yes, I know I have taken a blogging vacation, but I really am literally on a family vacation and hope to return and publish some long overdue posts.

Will you pray for me? thanks….

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2 Comments on “a promise is a promise

  1. Hi Darci,
    Good hearing from you! Isn’t summer great…the break from the school schedule, time with family like you said, busy with summer activities but less pressure to HAVE to get so many things done. I like how you said there is not a need for a conclusion. I will keep praying for you in all areas of your life. Wellness is only ONE part. Enjoy the rest of your family vacation!

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