Winter Escape 2015 – Day One

We have talked about escaping the winter, and enjoying a longer period in the south, for many years. After the past two winters of Irvs poor health and illness, we decided to go for it this winter. Spending the remaining of February in Fripp Island, South Carolina, at the PattiShak, cousins Earl’s beautiful beach home. Then heading to Daytona Beach, Florida, to spend the month of March near Darci’s family. Still working remotely and homeschooling by day, and hopefully outside – adventuring otherwise.

So grateful for friends help, watching children, taking them on adventures, and helping us get packed up. It’s been a month of preparations. Grateful for a friend’s trailer to tow behind our Salisbury-bus, and the ability load lots of our not necessary items, but fun-to-haves.

Departure from Webster at 12:11 pm.

Originally we had intended not to spend any days of February in New York, but a church conference, work meetings, and illness prolonged our departure date.

After various illnesses, with three trips to the doctors office this week, we began our journey today praying for safety and thanking God for improved health.

We have never driven farther than six hours with our family. This first stretch to South Carolina, is 16 hours.
Our goal was to drive half-way to Fripp, SC and stay at a hotel, with a pool.

We are only eight hours in, and have already had quite the adventure and made many memories. More stops than we had planned for potty breaks. Judah who just finished his antibiotic, is needing to have diarrhea every 45 minutes. Fortunately we have a potty seat here and many garbage bags. Hunter is getting brother of the day award. Isaiah, ate a lot of Subway turkey sandwich with cheese, and since he just recovered from a stomach bug, he vomited. Again, Hunter was able to share the garbage bags with him. Success. Eden, has gotten carsick, and Zion spiked a fever. We multitasked at BJ’s, filled the gas tank, used the bathroom, and bought cough medicine, Advil, Gatorade and peanut butter. Because, we laid out 24 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to make this morning, and had no peanut butter. We will be making them at the hotel tonight. Memories.

I just purchased this Day One App, fitting name, and I hope to keep track of our memories during this Winter Escape!

Approaching Richmond, practicing our CC memory work geography and capital song! Lol

9 hours and 24 minutes of adventure down. Success! Life with the Lord and Salisburys is always an adventure!



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3 Comments on “Winter Escape 2015 – Day One

  1. JUST was thinking of you and wondering how you were doing so I’m pleased and surprised to see this post. :)

    Sounds like lots of adventures, indeed!

    I don’t miss all the snow and cold, I must say! But some of that sunshine you are headed toward sounds REALLY nice. :)

    God bless you on your journey!

  2. I’ve been missing you. So excited to travel with you and your treasures to S.C. and Florida these months through your family blog. Looking forward to all that God will accomplish. Sure love you, Linda

  3. Darci! You guys are passing close to our house in NC – We would love it if you make a pitstop! You can use our bathrooms and our peanut butter :) See my fb msg… ????????

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