Day of Play

Friday, we journeyed to the National Museum of Play. Our membership expires the end of this month and I wanted to make one more trip. We have enjoyed this wonderful Christmas gift Uncle Jared gave us last year.

We met up with friends for a couple of hours, enjoyed lunch, bought some Christmas presents in the gift shop, and finished the children’s sibling Christmas shopping on the way home.







2 Comments on “Day of Play

  1. Glad to read this. I found the staff was grouchy with my big boys the last visit we had over a year ago. We hope for annual passes for 2014 for the youngers and I’m glad your biggers had so much fun.
    Love the cat.

  2. Renewal no longer makes sense unless you go at least twice monthly. They now only allow FOUR children on one family membership for the base price – additional are $35 each – far more than the breakdown for 6 people/$119 membership as a family.

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