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I’ve been wanting to do a post with this photo, but I have been waiting for the words to go with it.   The emotions are here today, just not so sure exactly about the words… yet.

The cemetery.  I don’t prefer going there.   He does.   I don’t really care about the flowers or grass.  He does.  (I am harboring a post all about that.)   Perhaps I would care more if it looked awful, but it doesn’t.  I am blessed that every time I go there, regardless of season it is always just delightful looking.

This is a product of my hubby’s personality and character to go above and beyond. Give it his everything.  Have no regrets.  I am blessed by it.  I love this about him.

I snapped this photo on Father’s Day.  Sorry about the quality, but it was taken through the windshield of my van.   It is my favoritest photo of Irv.

He is praying.  He does that when we leave there.  Anyone is welcome to join in.  This day, he was alone.

It evokes emotions within me.  Many emotions and many thoughts:

Bearing children, raising children, and burying a child together.

Journeying through grief together.   Many tears.  Many prayers.  Much faith and perseverance.

Strong and hardworking.   I love those jeans.  The hole.  The stains.  No laziness in my man.

Servant to many.   Servant leader of our family.

Honorable with much integrity.

Honest.  (More honest than I think he should be at times. I’m a sinner!)

Humbleness to seek forgiveness and admit wrongs.

An involved, attached, and integrated Father.

A diaper changing, book reading,  bath giving, breakfast making and fun kinda daddy!

Great back-scratch-er.   Great hubby and oh so handsome and sexy! (I’m trying to be appropriate and not embarrass my man. Really. )

Today, July 22 marks 14 years of marriage.  (Plus 4 years before that).   We’ve been together more years than apart.    An adventure indeed!


It has been a journey… as any marriage.  Without the LORD, it wouldn’t be good.  With Him, it grows sweeter every day.   Still so much to learn and change as we mold more like Jesus.

I pray to grow old and stay healthy with this man for many many years.  To see our grandchildren.

May we leave a legacy of love and faithfulness, and a testimony of God’s design for marriage.


I love you!   It’s an adventure indeed!

He's 19, she's 18 ... honeymoon-ing kiss!

He's 20 & she's 18 ... a honeymoon kiss!

Grandma is babysitting, and we’re meeting for dinner.  Hoping for a nice walk at the park.

So much to talk about.  So much to be thankful for.  We’re blessed!

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5 Comments on “happy anniversary

  1. Hon, I love you so much. Thanks for the kind and generous words. It blessed me greatly to wake up this morning and read this.

    If only our dinner had gone as planned :-) First, I forgot we still had a 7 week old with us, so we went to a nice restaurant and we both spent time putting her pacifier in her mouth so she wouldn’t cry and upset other folks. Also, when we go with our baby, I have an unnatural desire to be away from everyone else, so got upset and started the whole night off on the wrong foot because they put us right in the middle of everyone (Sorry) After going to a couple of stores, we went for ice cream and then it was too late and cold for our walk :-( But, when you have a large family these things happen. We finally got some time to talk before going to bed :-)

    Love you lots hon!

  2. Darci I love reading your postings. It makes me stop and reflect on the blessings God has given to me in my own life. You truly are an example of a Godly wife and mother. I am so happy for you and Irv and Happy Anniversary. I remember thinking on my wedding day that it wasn’t possible to love this man any deeper but then the journey of life together only deepens your love; experience the highs and lows together. Celebrate the years you two have together and know the best is yet to come. Praise God for your marriage, it is a wonderful testimony to your children and other who know you both.

  3. I’m a couple of days late, but Happy Anniversary anyway.

    I recall taking a small baby out to a restaurant one night and she wasn’t all too into being quiet either. Large families do make planning quiet times together more of a challenge, but they also make those times much appreciated.

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