Holiday Cheer Meisters!

After celebrating and constructing our gingerbread houses for three hours on Monday, we headed off to a dentist appointment. A little sibling accident earlier this month has left Isaac with three fractured teeth, two hours in the dental chair with laughing gas and local anesthesia, and repeated follow-up visits for loose adult teeth. We need to return in six weeks, with hopes that no root damage has been done. He is a trooper. No eating apples or anything with his front teeth for now , he’s on “tooth rest” , LOL.



Next, we ventured over to the Krebs family home. We attended their third annual neighborhood Christmas caroling outreach. We had dinner fellowship for two hours, and I proceeded to dress all of my people in their snow clothes, which was an adventure. The dressing was an event in itself!
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I am adventurous to the core, and sometimes I only see hindsight the craziness of my attempts. Let’s just say, it was headache causing, but also memory making. One of those mama moments where you just smile, laugh, and do the next thing.
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I think Eden Grace was the most entertaining, perhaps classified as naughty. Our very own cheer Meister! She has issues with snow pants and comfortableness of winter clothing and gloves, for starters. Getting her dressed was strenuous. I think the highlighted memorable event of the evening was at our last carol stop… of which her brothers were recounting on the drive home, which caused her in great sleepiness to scream, “They are talking about me! They are laughing at me! They’re laughing at me!” …


Yes, my baby has a pink hat on. Don’t judge me. Lol. He’s warm!

Our caroling group had many children, especially little children, and only a few adults. At each home we would sing, ring the doorbell, distribute a bag of peppermint bark and a Bible with a card from the Krebs family. We realized with many little people we had to preassign who had which role at each house. At one of the last homes, there was a misunderstanding of whom would ring the doorbell. I was still at the bottom of the driveway with the stroller, but I witnessed Eden and Isaiah wrestling each other on the porch resulting in one individual getting pushed off the porch with very loud screaming. It was clearly time to be done and go home. The homeowner came outside and asked what was going on and if everything was okay, Of which we responded by singing joyfully “Joy to the world”. While the group sang, Eden placed her head against the homeowners porch wall, and cried loudly. One of the dads scooped her up and started dancing with her singing Joy to the world, however she was kicking, flailing and screaming. Yes, very naughty and I am not proud. However , it was an interesting parenting moment and memorable for all! This was only one incident of about six…

Our day adventure had started at 9:30 am departure and we did not return home until 10:00 PM, followed by unloading the van and unpacking everything, with an 11 o’clock bedtime!

I told my Mama, that if I had known how this day was going to go, I would have attempted only one adventure and not five! She said I was making memories. Smile. I was, indeed.



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