Isaiah is SIX!


Love this boy!!!
He started his day sharing four boxes of banned, sugar cereal with his siblings, for a breakfast of champions!

We headed to Lunch at Pizza Hut with our book-it coupons!


Then we went bowling with Grammie White, Kim and Kiya. It was fun. Isaiah was loving it so much, that the last games he was three people as some littles bailed!







The following day he had a birthday lunch with mom and dad. He spent his $6 from grandma stephie at Red Robin on their games and won prizes!


Isaiah, we thank God for the gift of you! We love your….
– humor and contagious laugh
– unending supply of energy & intensity
– love for rain and the outdoors
– how you “love God the mostest” but still love us too
– your ability to love huge and freak-out huge : strong emotions
– chatter box : ask awesome questions

We thank God for six wonderful years of ZAIAH, and pray you continue to love God and His Word, growing in wisdom and favor.



He asked constantly “how many day until my birthday?” …. So we made him a chart!

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