Back to School … first 2 weeks

Ving – 8th grade

Hunter – 6/7th grade

Tucker – would be 5th grade : I thought it, so I had to write it…

Isaac – 2nd grade

Isaiah – K/1st grade

Eden Grace – PreK grade

Judah – Mr. Distractor

Zion – Mr. Snuggles



We are back at it, full schedule! I love fall and the return of more routine. We began orientation on Labor Day, and Tuesday began with excitement. Isaac had his first piano lesson, and all the children enjoyed their new baskets and supply bins. Each has a clipboard with their schedules, and they were thrilled to discover a gift waiting when day #1 was completed.

We have the most music instruction and practice this year by far. We have voice, piano, guitar, and drums – all lessons happening in our home. SO GRATEFUL! I don’t know how long it will last, but I am praying the boys continue to grow with passion in this area, and that their knowledge will bring God glory.



We did “Special Time with Mom” on the porch. They are singing “Stand Up, Stand Up, for Jesus”…



Aunt Bettie delivered treasures to our garage, and Eden Grace has enjoyed her first Barbie Princess play time. These are treasures from long ago that Aunt Bettie had. I have avoided modern Barbie, and have decided that I will allow fully clothed Princess Barbie to join her play collection.



Monday September 9th, the thee oldest had their first Classical Conversations Academy. Isaac is in Foundations, Hunter Challenge A, and Ving Challenge B. We had a wonderful experience last year, and we thank God for another opportunity to grow with this structure and community.




I again purchased Ready Made Preschool, and I LOVE IT! We have 30 weeks of lessons. It reminds me of Five In A Row, yet I am provided with every supply I need for each lesson. We just completed Week 1 & 2. (Thanks Kate!) I am using it with a 4 and 5.5 year old mainly, and the third kit I purchased is being shared with Judah 2.5 and Isaac 7yo, depending on the day.



Here we made our Little Lower Case ‘a’ – ‘apple, airplane, a’s’.



Playing Go-Fish with Eden Grace and Isaiah with our alphabet cards…



Tuesday the weather was 90 degrees! (It was 40 yesterday morning at our soccer game and I had out winter coats and snowsuits! LOL) We realized Tuesday & Wednesday would be the last of our hot days, and we headed to Durand Beach. It was lovely, lovely, lovely. We headed out at 11:00, and had already completed many subjects before leaving. It’s hard to break away when I am so focused on school in the fall, but I am grateful we did.



Even the Biggies like to help the Middles with Ready-Made-Preschool! We decorated our airplanes and they all begged Ving to make their planes ‘super cool’.



We’ve labeled Judah “Mr. Distractor” for the year. He is so cute, fast, and destructive! Recently his energy is spent sneaking up to his crib, stealing his paci, and hiding downstairs with it while we do school. If he is quiet, I know the secret places to find him. If Irv sees him, Judah covers his mouth with his hand like this… It is very funny, yet we do our best to remain serious. (He just came over to my computer screen and stated. “I hide my pa-ee,” as he pointed to the screen. Gotta love him!)






I love my Middle Schoolers!




We had to chop all of Judah’s hair down in the back because when he has his paci at bedtime he twirls his hair into dreadlocks. Recently he has moved higher to the top of his head where there is more hair, and this day he continued to twist a comb in it throughout the day and come running to me to get it out.



I had purposed to make fancy apple pies for the end of this week studying the letter ‘a’. But, I chose the easier route the RMP book recommended and used graham crackers and apple pie filling! They were still thrilled, and I didn’t eat any, so that was good!

Yesterday Ving and Hunter had their first homeschool middle school soccer team game, SCARLET KNIGHTS, which Irv is the coach for. It was exciting, they won, and have improved so much. I am looking forward to the fall games and watching my three men in action.

Eden Grace was blessed to attend a pool party for her sweet friend Averie yesterday as well. We will miss their family terribly when they move!



Our church had a wonderful weekend conference of Embracing God’s Truth. Irv was in charge of the organizing of the concert Saturday evening, with Kerrie Roberts. I am so blessed by her lyrics and songs. Afterwards we had a fun outing to Friendly’s with friends and Grammie.



This morning the Littles and I didn’t attend church. Here we are enjoying this sunshine, snuggles, and our own worship on the porch swing. Isn’t Zion so cute?!? We are SO IN LOVE!!!


Grateful for my MANY blessings. Thanking God for a wonderful start to the school year. Praying for all the days to come!


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