Judah, first Salis-kid with fracture!

Judah is the first Salis-kid with a fracture! We’ve had stitches and staples, too many to count.

He was playing at an elementary playground today during Vings soccer game, and a little boy he was playing with pushed him off the landing.

I was home with Eden and the baby. I was on the phone with the Pediatrician Afterhours trying to get an appointment for Eden because her asthma and cough were worsening.

Irv walked in the door early carrying a sobbing boy. Within thirty minutes we were headed to two different offices for 8 PM appointments.

Eden had pneumonia and Judah fractured his lower leg.

It was all dramatic and felt chaotic.

Both are now resting and all is quiet …

…. And Isaac just returned downstairs to get a ‘puke bowl’ because is tummy hurts.

I’m thankful Judah wasn’t hurt worse.

Ill be canceling our Seabreeze amusement park day this Friday and making other schedule adjustments.

His cast is waterproof though….

While waiting with Eden at the doctors, I took a photo of her hair. She played all day outside, never brushed her hair, piggies were a day old, and there was mulch in it! It was so crazy when we headed out the door I threw a brush in my purse. I had to laugh, because I’ve had many a sinful judging thoughts in my past when I’d be out and about and see nasty girl hair. “If I had a daughter I’d brush her hair!!!” Humility… And a photo moment for sure.

It is always an adventure here. I’m blessed and grateful. God’s grace is sufficient!




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One Comment on “Judah, first Salis-kid with fracture!

  1. I’m glad Judah is all healed up! He is SO adorable! “Oh yes!” As for messy girl hair … been there, done that! MANY times! Welcome to the club! lol ;)

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