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Zion, the name, has been brewing in my heart and mind, and making the baby name list, for babies 4,5,6,7 and now 8. Five years ago with Isaiah’s pregnancy, I loved this name, but we decided upon Isaiah, with the main nickname ‘Zaiah’, because I desired my Z name.

I joked at the beginning of this pregnancy, that if I bore Irv SEVEN sons, I think I should pick the name, and finally have my ‘Zion’! Also noting, in many countries I’d be some kind of boy-producing hero. LOL. (Joke. I believe the sex of our babies are specifically chosen and sovereign by God. Years ago when I pondered why I had no girls, God spoke to my heart through a sermon and His Word, that after Job’s health and life were restored, Job received the exact number of children from God again, and the exact same sex distribution. God knows.)

Around Christmas, I kinda knew I was growing a boy. At that time, I decided to complete my Pandora bracelet using my gift card and fill the limited space I had left, purposing to choose a charm for my Grandparents Cougles and Salis-baby8 growing in my belly. I mentioned to the saleslady that I wanted something with stars or polk-a-dots, or maybe representing the number eight. The first charm I saw was stars and I loved it – and as I counted the stars, they totaled EIGHT! I’m someone who usually takes forever to make a decision like this, but I knew it was the one. Sold. At this time, I did not have any baby names chosen or seriously discussed.


Somewhere in the midst of Irv’s illness and surgeries, he wasn’t up for deep converstaoins or making decisions, and I sent him this email…

“January 17th, 2013…been thinking about baby names …. I know you don’t want to TALK about it, but really wanted to share my heart and thoughts, so thought an email might be best…

Caroline Joy
Selah Jubilee
Aviannah / Eviannah (life giving)

Zion Valor (can’t shake this one)

Pondering them in my heart

The next time we discussed names, he casually mentioned that he liked Zion. I was SHOCKED! We both prayed about the names.

One night while settling into bed and praying about names, a quick search revealed the name Zion to mean Heaven. As I snuggled to sleep, I looked at my bracelet charm of eight stars circling together. I chose and purchased this charm without any knowledge of the meaning of the name. But now I see this meaning, Heaven. A charm with stars. I felt a confirmation in my heart. Zion, is his name?

When the family-gender-discovery-appointment revealed boy parts, Salisbaby8 immediately was being called Zion. However, we still prayed and sought counsel with Pastor regarding the name.

Names are hard. They are a HUGE responsibility. I searched for reasons to NOT choose this name.

– The term Zionism refers to a political movement for the reestablishment and preservation of the Jewish nation (Isreal).

– In more recent decades Zion is a term utilized a lot by the Rastafarian religious movement to refer to Ethipoia as the true Promised Land and the birthplace of humankind. It borrows a lot of terminology from Scripture and Christianity, yet is very much a syncretistic religion.

– Might create some possible confusion. (e.g. the child’s ethnicity – “he must be Jewish,” or the political movement of Zionism, or the Rastafarian religious movement associated with Bob Marley reggae music, etc.)

Yet, the Biblical use of Zion and the continuous ringing of the name in my heart prevailed…

– Initially, Zion referred to Jerusalem or the mount on which the city was built, but in a broader, more ultimate sense, Zion refers to the kingdom of heaven over which the Lord Jesus Christ reigns.

– 1 Peter 2:6. Peter refers to Christ as the cornerstone of Zion .

– Jerusalem or mount on which that city was built ….also a reference to heavenly Jerusalem or Assembly of God people in Hebrews chapter 12.

– The name might stir curiosity, prompting people to ask (1) what does that name mean?, or (2) are you Jewish? Such questions can be a bridge to evangelism

– Such a name would be a constant reminder to the one bearing it that this world is not his home, and that he belongs to the company of God’s people (if he chooses to follow Christ, of course).

– And, google searches revealed the following meanings: mighty fortress, cornerstone, a safe homeland, heaven, highest point

Through the years, I often encourage my boys claiming they are ‘Princes of the Lord’, ‘sons of the King of Kings’, and ‘Mighty men of Valor’! I even considered Valor for a first name, but would not want my son to be called Val, and Irv vetoed it immediately.

Meaning of Valor: Valor is a Latin boy name. The meaning of the name is `Courageous, Bold in Battle`.

So there it is. The story behind Salisbay8’s name. Zion Valor Salisbury.

Zion Valor, I pray you will be bold and courageous Man of God who fights for the kingdom. That you know Jesus Christ personally, and that He is your cornerstone. May your name be a constant reminder that this world is not your home, and you belong to a company of God’s people! We love you, little peanut. Tons and tons…

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4 Comments on “Zion Valor : the name

  1. Welcome baby Zion! We are so excited to hear about your name story as we seek the Lord for our baby’s name as well. Ellen Gerwitz and I talked tonight about all the boys that seem to be being born now (we think we’re having a boy too Exodus 2:22 just one of our scripture confirmations before conception). What does the Lord have in store for His children, you mighty men of Valor, in these dark days? As we wait for the imminent return of the King of Kings, our Savior Jesus, we pray you seek Him with your whole heart baby Zion. much love, The Krebs

  2. Thank you so much for posting this as my husband and I have been praying for our little boys name and like you, Zion has been resonating with us both. We love the meaning and constant reminder it provides, and reading this warms my heart. God bless you and your family, and your little Zion.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to write. It’s been years since I read that post and I totally forgot about it. This post was an encouragement to me today as I am walking this road again. I’m expecting baby number 10 in the process of choosing another name, and it is difficult! I’m glad the words of truth could be an encouragement to you. Zion is now 4 1/2 and it is an awesome name. I named my next son Creed Honor. Thanks for taking the time to write. Blessings to you and your family.

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