de-throning … Thursday or Friday ???


This is my favorite photo – Judah realizing he is soon to be DE-THRONED!

We are excited for the next 2 days.  Tomorrow, Thursday I report to the hospital for amniocentesis and NST from 10-12.  If any concerns I will stay, but I believe that is unlikely.   Otherwise, I will continue to cross off my to-do list for the afternoon, enjoy an evening with the family, and then return to the hospital Friday morning at 7am.


 Last Friday, May 10th, was Tucker’s 10th birthday.  I’ve had so many intentions to blog, but it hasn’t happened.  Mostly due to the nesting-list,  but also exhaustion and pure procrastination.  If I write about stuff, it seems more real.  So, many days have been just survival… but all so filled with the grace of God for each moment.   Friday, Tucker’s 10th birthday, began with an impromptu planned photo shoot with sweet Kristina Smith Photography!  I love this girl, and her art is amazing.  Words can’t describe the fun, joy, and therapy it was for me to celebrate life and family on Tucker’s day, in this way.  I am thrilled with the photos and memories being captured.  Time stand still!




I already had these shirts from months prior, and the night before photos, Hunter and I ran to Old Navy and Target with 10 minutes until closing to find clothes.  It was fun.


I really do feel huge.  Even huger this past week, since this photo!  I wear black shirts mostly, but I admit I love this white dress of my belly.  As much as I am ready to meet this sweet little boy, I will miss his movements and this belly.



Please keep me in prayer, dear friends.

1.  Pray against FEAR.  Fear of unknown, new hospital & doctors, pain, and complications.

2.  Less than 2 hours of intense pain.  (I approach birth as a natural event, one that I was created and built to accomplish. But, also as a ‘sporting event’ of sorts, and keeping a time frame of pain endurance, before seeking intervention, helps me overcome.)

3.  Peaceful event.  Grace-filled nurses and health care providers.  Favor of God and man in details.  Spectators to be in awe of God, and drawn closer to Him.

4. Healthy Baby and Mama.

5.  Natural Induction.  We choose induction to reduce the complications of precipitous and unassisted delivery.  We also acknowledge my body isn’t 100% ready to birth.  After Dr. Grace breaks my water, I pray for my body to kick-in, ‘do it’s thing’ naturally, and not need any further intervention!


Sweet Blessings,













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One Comment on “de-throning … Thursday or Friday ???

  1. Prayed for no fear! You look wonderful in your pictures. Very excited for you!

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