Irv’s April

We are now 5 weeks out from Irv’s surgery.

At the three week follow up appointment, the surgeons shared that while they did remove an ACTH producing tumor, they may have not removed all of it, because the blood hormones hadn’t responded as they had hoped.

However, we are pleased that
Irv’s blood levels have been lowered more and he has been sleeping better on less medicine.

We are praying his levels continue to stay at good levels, that he can continue to reduce medications, sleep, and that he has endurance to live through the continued fatigue and muscle pain.

The surgeons just cleared him from lifting, exercising, and blowing his nose!

He has enjoyed recent walks down the road and organizing a soccer tournament for his fall homeschool soccer team.



















We continue to be amazed and grateful to God for meeting our needs each day. ¬†Thanks for all your love and support during this difficult time….

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One Comment on “Irv’s April

  1. Glad to hear the good report and that Irv is feeling better!

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