2012 Video – Christmas Card

Due to illness, Christmas 2012 Irv had occasional downtime, and he created this 2012 video for the family

I love it.   It makes me cry.  Tears of overwhelming gratitude, blessings, and chapters of our lives together.

Since Homegrowing here is my only scrapbook and memory keeper –  I share the link with you…

Click here to worship along and visit our 2012 Christmas card …


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2 Comments on “2012 Video – Christmas Card

  1. I love this. I would definitely buy one of those American Girl ‘dolls’. They don’t make ‘em that way now.

  2. I only had a short time with you, Darci and Irv, but I truly enjoyed this video of you and your amazing family. Thank you for sharing and letting me experience the love you all share. I am always here for you and yours. God is Great!

    Love you big time


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