17 days


17 days post-op now. Irv is gradually feeling better. He’s been doing more, and eager to not spend so much time in the man-cave we created for him (bedroom). However, he is tired and not feeling well by evening…. But that’s why they call in recovery.

Here’s his update:
“I am feeling better, am sleeping a little better, but my cortisol levels at this point have not lowered like other people who have had the same surgery. I will keep doing follow up labs and appointments, but the doctors are going to give my body some time to adjust and revisit things in 3 months with more thorough testing and imaging. I am praying that my body will continue to feel better, that I will be able to get off the medicine, and that my cortisol levels would adjust to normal levels. I am also praying for patience during these 3 months. The biopsy showed that they did remove a small tumor, so that is also a praise.”

We continue to be grateful and amazed by God’s provision and love through so many. Thank you!

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