10 days


I’m posting this update for all you loving peoples that are asking and wondering…

Ten days post-op, and struggling here. The doctor predicted 6-8 weeks of recovery, but I guess we didn’t totally believe him.

We had hoped irv would feel just tired but still be able to work from his recliner while resting. Rather, he’s felt tired, flu-ish, nauseated, aching, and yuck. Occasionally he will come downstairs for a hello and fresh air. Otherwise, he’s been in bed.

The pituitary gland regulates many hormones in the body, so we wait patiently…

He is off the narcotic pain meds, praise.

His blood levels have not totally responded as we had hoped from the surgery, and this is discouraging. We will be seeing doctor next week for follow-up.

He is still having trouble balancing his sodium levels, so remains on salt tablets and fluid restriction.

Prayer Requests…. Directly from him …

Here are my specific prayer requests:
1. Regular aches and pains to go away. (Very horrible neck, shoulder, back and hip pain which actually kinda started this whole thing)
2. Cortisol levels to go to normal levels.
3. Amped / anxious feelings to go away.
4. Ability to be able to resume workouts without horrible pain.
5. You could sum it up by just saying “restore and revive me”

With all this truth of our present, in this update – I must include….

We see the hand of God ministering to our family, through so many sweet friends, and are extremely grateful. Each day His mercies are new, grace abounds just the moment we need it, and we see His provision.

God is faithful.

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  1. Thinking of you and wishing you all Happy and Blessed Easter <3. Xo

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