you’re not expecting are you?

Grace, grace, grace! Tonight is my evening to extend it.

Yup, you guessed it. I should have known the words to soon follow her look of surprise as her hands gestured towards my middle. “You’re not expecting are you?”

This is a first for me. Being on the receiving end, that is. My son has asked other woman about their expanding bellies and babies on three separate occasions. As awkward as it was to have my son put both of our feet in our mouths (that’s how us mom’s feel when our kids embarrass us in public), it was worse being on the receiving end. Perhaps it was worse because there were on-listeners, I was taken by surprise, or even startled at the possibility!

I pray I did extend grace, grace, grace to my dear friend. It probably would have been better for me to be silent and use less words; however, if humor and laughter were ever needed, it was amidst this awkward conversation!

After exiting the scene, I had many thoughts. Funny, God. I twirled in front of my bathroom mirror, not agreeing with her assessment. I did have a maternity skirt still on, but she didn’t know that. My shirt was for real. The timing was interesting, as today I recommitted my wellness journey to the Lord and lived in freedom.  It has been so difficult.  I will not be stumbled …. God will use this for good.

Have you ever been the bearer, or on the receiving end of such a compliment?

My evening closes with a tiny bit of motivation. I have words of encouragement as I face tomorrow – “Don’t eat too much darci, you are looking pregnant!”

Scary. It’s good to be real. Grace, grace, grace.

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3 Comments on “you’re not expecting are you?

  1. I was a medical secretary before I was a nurse, and so I had to wear business clothes to work. I had this shift dress that was the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn- then or now- and I used to wear it about once a week. Perhaps because I worked in an OB/Gyn office, people were more in tune to pregnancy- but I think at least 50 % of the time i wore that thing, someone would ask. I would get so upset.

    The best part was that after about 6 months of this, my boss, who was also a very good friend, told me to bring the dress into work the next day. She snatched it out of my hands, and literally CUT IT UP with scissors, right then and there in the office.

    Yeah, I was kinda mad- but I later thanked her for it. I learned to not sabotage myself with my clothing! Because boy, nothing could send me into a binge more than something like that.

    And actually I’ve had people with all my pregnancies say to me “Oh, I didn’t know you were pregnant”- oh, round about when I’m in my NINTH month- like, how fat do I normally look? Yup, been there, done that.

    If it’s any consolation, I’m sure she was mortified.

  2. I was the friend who asked Darci if she was pregnant, and yes I was mortified. Mostly because of my ignorant inability to do the math. Hummm….. she has a 4 month old, could she possibly be SHOWING!! Then the humor helped, somehow the focus shifted to my old saggy boobs, I was convicted of my own need for wellness in that moment. Ultimately I am a firm believer that the Lord orchestrates us all to be where we need to be, hearing what we need to hear, challenging us, strengthening us, drawing us closer to Him. In addition I trusted that Darci would forgive me for my silly comment. Power to you on your journey to wellness, you have already inspired me and blessed my heart to hear your ‘self talk’ because it is very similar to my own – and I thought I was nuts!!! I look forward to sharing the journey with you. God Bless!!

  3. I love you Amy! I know you were mortified. I am sorry the humor somehow turned to your saggy boobs, please forgive me for my part in that! You are beautiful, inside and out – and fearfully and wonderfully made. I agree with you, the LORD even uses our silly comments, and indeed He used your words to inspire me. We are nuts together in our self talk! love to you my friend, me.

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