fellowship, not food

Which deserves my focus – fellowship or food?

In planning a much anticipated meeting with a new friend, I was asked to make the arrangements.

My thought pattern shocked me…

“What restaurant do I want to go to? This is a great opportunity to EAT what I desire. How can I arrange the seating arrangements we need, and make that work at the restaurant I want to eat at?”

When I realized she didn’t want to eat dinner, but just meat with me – I was disappointed. When I decided that I would still meet her, but would also not eat, I was upset. I could NOT go to my favorite place and just not eat?!?

I was anticipating the food more than the person I was meeting. And, this person was someone I had prayed for 2 months to be able to meet!

I don’t think is normal, but I do this all the time. Anyone else?

Life isn’t about food – it’s about Jesus and loving people.

Fellowship deserves my focus, not food.

I pray for continued insight into my strange behaviors and prominence I give to food.

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One Comment on “fellowship, not food

  1. Totally normal for an addict!

    Another one of the strange thought processes and behaviors associated with addiction is planning the next “fix”. Read any personal story from an addict, and they usually contain a description of the “obsession” with whatever their vice is. This means we think about food all the time, plan for when we can eat, how much, and how to get away with as much as we can! In the beginning of my own recovery, I was shocked to find how many times I focused on food in social situations. Until I asked the Lord to show me, I never really realized that people who have a healthy relationship to food don’t even think that way about it. It is incidental to them- they can take it or leave it.

    Addiction is also marred by damaged personal relationships- mainly because of the obsession the addict has with their vice. In many cases, an addict will do ANYTHING to get their fix- lie, cheat, steal, hurt physically- and this often hurts the people closest to them. So, your obsession about the food, instead of focusing on the person, has the capacity to do the same to you. Who knows what the Lord wanted to do at this meeting- but instead of focusing on that, and preparing yourself for it, you were thinking about the food.

    The good news is that He can, and will set you free from this obsessive thinking. It will get better, I promise!

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