I am beautiful

Often, God speaks to me in themes. I need repetition to “get it”. The topic of “beauty”, keeps arising all around me! This has caused me to reflect….

I feel beautiful. I believe I am beautiful. I guess this is a good thing. I don’t really focus on beauty, think about it much, look in the mirror often, and can go an entire day without even brushing my hair and tending to my “beauty” (well, until my hubby comes home). My point is, I am not overly concerned with the topic.

Recently when conversing with a friend about weight issues, she commented that her personal self confidence and image are in direct correlation to her weight.

I could not relate to her feelings. I responded, “I think I am 50# lighter than I really am. When I look in the mirror, I can’t even believe that it is me!”

Our wonderful conversation reminded me that our sins and “food issues” have different affects on our personhood.

I don’t feel that my personal confidence or worth has waivered in correlation to my weight gain and lack of wellness. I am thankful for that. The one negative thought I do have is I feel less “sexy” for my hubby. He assures me I am sexy, for that I am grateful. However I’d like to be “more sexy” for him:).

I’ve been pondering…. what makes me beautiful? What does GOD think is beautiful?

I have realized there is a difference between feeling beautiful vs knowing “I am beautiful” because of who I am in Christ, vs. thinking I am beautiful.

I believe underneath it all I do think I am beautiful and know I am beautiful in Christ. Yet, I admit, I do not always feel beautiful… perhaps this has some affect on my entering into self-destructive choices in the area of wellness?

It has been great to renew my mind with His truths.

Psalm 139 speaks that we are each “fearfully and wonderfully made”. We are individually created in God’s image, and He is King of Kings. We are royalty, bought with the precious blood of Jesus. We are princesses, and we should act like one!

See my post, FREEDOM for yesterdays thoughts, and visit my dear friend Melissa Taylor’s blog I am beautiful for more information and encouragement.

Be still, and reflect on your beauty!

What makes you beautiful?

We are beautiful!!! …. thank you JESUS!

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