“Hormones,” not a surprising title for a preggers blogger, huh?

Well, they have been wrecking havoc around here.  Not only mine, but my hubby’s.

I’ve been trying to keep people updated on the situation via email, text, and phone.  I apologize that I have been missing people and not managing to reply to all.    My plan is to do further updates here about Irv via my HomeGrowing blog only.  Feel free to check back for updates as desired or subscribe above.

Here’s a recap of the situation:

Starting in September, Irv began not sleeping through the night, and would relocate to the couch and fall back asleep.  As time progressed he would need to read, listen to audio books, watch soccer games, etc to help  fall back to sleep.   As December approached, his sleeping ceased, he faced 5-7 days of insomnia , and I drove him to the hospital.

In this time frame, be also experienced new onset of sever back and shoulder pain, nauseousness, dizziness, elevated blood pressure, palpitations, an amped feeling and lost 15 pounds.

It became difficult for him to drive and go to work, due to symptoms and side affects of medications he takes to help sleep.

Christmas was a very difficult time.

We received elder prayer, and prayers of many.

We visited numerous doctors.  The family doctor four times, three different chiropractors, cardiologist (failed 48 hour halter monitor),  urologist surgeon, endocrinologist twice, neurologist twice, switched to new Internist, had nerve conduction studies, many blood tests,  urine collections for 48 hours,  MRI’s (4),  CT scan (1), Ultrasound, and salivary cortisol tests twice which he failed.   Our final referral was to Strong Neuroendocrine the beginning of February  where we met with two neuroendocrinologists and a surgeon.

There, we were told he has a 2mm tumor on his  pituitary gland in his brain and Cushings Disease (without observable physical changes).  They believe it is this tumor that is causing his abnormal hormones of cortisol, epinephrine, and ACTH,  his high blood pressure,  amped feeling, and insomnia.

Our next step is  Thursday, we have pre-operative appointment on the 21st.  Tuesday February 26th he will go to Strong for the day and stay overnight to have a surgical procedure by Strong  Endovascular Surgeon who will enter his groin blood vessels with catheters, and take measurements of his blood hormone levels from his brain / pituitary gland down his entire body, to confirm that this tumor is causing these hormones.

If all comes back as expected, he will have brain surgery to have half the pituitary gland removed in March.

We pray for a healthy procedure, with answers that continue us on a path of obvious decision making … and of course healing!

Currently, he continues to require three medications in order to sleep about 4 hours and continues to deal with symptoms.  He has good days and not-so-good days.  He is driving now,  attempts to go into work when he can, and then tries to work from home.    He hasn’t been able to continue in all ministry responsibilities, but is longing to return.

I hope this answers the many questions.  Thank you so much for caring and loving us.

We praise God as we walk through this trial of health, discomfort, and disruption of our normal.   We have seen His provision, His faithfulness, and have felt His love through the many acts of kindness.  Thank You!   God never changes, great is His faithfulness!

I read recently in Practical Theology for Women by Wendy Aslup, “When God heats up our lives, working out our pride, selfishness, and general wrong thinking, the resulting purified life is so much sweeter.”  So true.   I would be remiss to not mention the lessons being learned, and the truths being remembered and discovered through these past months.

“fear not, for I am with you;
    be not dismayed, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you,
    I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”   

Isaiah 41:10 

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2 Comments on “Hormones!

  1. I’m keeping you guys in my prayers, and I hope he gets better very soon..!

    ~Emily (from his soccer team)

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