Heaven Day


Tucker’s Heaven Day… Big chunky snowflakes and 12 inches of snowstorm, a gift for me from God.

Thank you, Jesus.

Seven years ago, as we loaded an ambulance amidst death and suffocating tragedy, the sun shone brightly and big chunky snowflakes fell upon me, in slow motion. We rode through tears, a storm, and accidents.

Today I sent three big people to Bristol for Snowsports and I stayed home with Littles. Had quiet time, computer time, rest time, playdo, Pearler beads, played Simon-says, littles watched “shows”, all watches “Tucker’s life video” , we enjoyed the snow and more all weekend.

Thankful for the love of those who remember.

Thankful for my many gifts and blessings.

(trying to post from phone so please excuse mistakes, thanks for your grace…)






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