Judah’s baby dedication

Daddy went shopping for clothing, a special occasion indeed!  Since he usually wears footie-jammies to church, today Judah and I played in the foyer with my camera while others were getting ready for Sunday School and our early departure.

We loaded the van and headed to church.   I hadn’t thought much past baths, fingernails, ears and clean clothes for this special Sunday.  The magnitude of significance of this weekend surfaced as we drove.   SIX years ago we traveled to this same sanctuary for a grieving Sunday morning service… Knowing we’d bury our boy in the earth the very next day.

Judah’s Baby Dedication service to be held on such a significant weekend… this day, another reminder of God’s faithfulness.  Another God-incidence, having been scheduled by the church spontaneously… but no accident on His divine calender.

“Hi!!!  Today is my very special day.  My family loves me so much, and is trusting God’s strength to raise me for His glory!”

Our new Pastor ordered the service in a special, refreshing and new way.   Irv introduced our family, shared the significance of the weekend, proclaimed God’s faithfulness to our family, and Judah helped with the microphone.

Pastor Matt  held Judah and prayed over him and our family.   Then sweetly gave us a rose and a children’s Bible for Judah.

I was greatly humbled… again.   My Little people were instructed to stand by Mommy and Daddy, smile, be quiet and still.   Not a habit, but in my parenting repertoire, I bribed promised them a few Mike’N-Ikes if they cooperated.   Well, we should have practiced with role playing at home, because Isaiah became nervous and couldn’t stand still.   He maneuvered around the pulpit, the steps, and settled into lying on his stomach on the stairs,  and then reaching and playing with the microphone on the stair while Pastor Matt was praying.   In front of the entire congregation.   We are one of the larger families in the church, and perhaps I imagine it, but it seems like people watch the dynamics of us a bit more?   I know to not be prideful about my parenting and focus on what other’s think, and I thought I was doing well in this area – but God humbled me again.  smile.

After the service, the children and I went to the Mother’s Room to discuss our experience.  One particular boy was quite upset and expressive to learn he was not receiving his candy blessing.  We chatted.   As we left the room and dispersed to our Sunday service locations,  a sweet Mama in the church came to me all cheery, and thanked me for being such an encouragement to her… as she was eaves dropping into the Mother’s Room to hear me dealing with the children receiving their blessings and consequences!  Humbled again, I thanked the Lord for humbling me and working in and through our family… dealing with my pride and sinful heart … all the while blessing someone else!!!

We attempted family photos.  These were the best… serious.    I’ve learned to not attempt family photos at the same time as another big event.  We were all dressed up and clean already, right?!?  I repeatedly try to do this, and I’m left with fun memories, but not a photo I want to display on the wall.

I love this photo of Eden looking back over the pew.  It captures her completely.

You like the pink binky?  We scoured the van to find a paci, and this is all we found!  I had forgotten we needed it to help keep his babbles to a minimum in the service.

The more children we are blessed with, and the more I parent, the more I realized my need for His strength, wisdom, and fruits of the Spirit!

Thanking God for Judah, and all of the Salisbury gang are asking for His blessing on us as we ‘do life’ together as sinners, striving to bring HIM glory and love one another.

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2 Comments on “Judah’s baby dedication

  1. Love being a part of Judah’s special day. Thank you for sharing the day with us through your words and pictures. Your family is beautiful. Being a mother is the hardest and most rewarding blessing and privilege God gives us. I applaud you for celebrating and focusing on the blessings. We are human and a work in process in His hands. Every day is a new day because God gave us theses beautiful children to raise up to glorify Him. Lean on him for your strength and a few girlfriends along the way. Looking forward to seeing your parents next weekend.

  2. I am awed by your blog. I am not sure how you find the time to do such an amazing job of photos and wit, but I loved reading about your journey. You are such a remarkable woman!

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