hiding God’s Word : Junior Bible Quiz

Spring and summer of 2011 while I was praying over curriculum, activities, LEAH offerings, co-op groups and the million choices we have vying for our time in educating our children, words of a passing conversation in the church foyer adhered to my brain and heart.

From a mother a seasoned mother of 8 grown children…  “Darci, if  you ever have an opportunity to do Bible Quiz, do it.  I believe it’s the best investment of your time and energy as a homeschool mom,  to help your kids hide God’s Word in their hearts.”

Interestingly, Bible Quiz was not on my million-offerings-list I was praying over.   Nor did I know of any groups my boys could participate with.  God used her words to spur me to investigation.  After many emails,  God gave us Coach Tom.

Coach Tom.  Giving and serving.   Any child that wants help studying and memorizing God’s Word,  Coach Tom will help.  He has driven to my home weekly since September, to work with four very competitive and energetic boys for 2-3 hours during his work day.  He’s flexible, forgiving, and over accommodating.  He orchestrates the  Bible Quiz League and has been involved for 15ish years.  Treasures and rewards in Heaven for this saint.

My big boys and their two friends have been blessed.   They’ve studied and learned 150 fact and quotation questions this year.   Praise be to God, today they completed their last meet and were 12-0,  won first place as a team, and each placed in the top 10 quizzers.   They will move on to regionals in March to represent our district.   Please pray for them to sharpen their skills, their speed, master all 150 questions, be HUMBLE, and bring glory to the Lord in all they do.

At one point in the meet today I gave Ving a high-five and asked if he was having fun.  He responded, ” I LOVE THIS!”



I apologize that my phone photos aren’t the best, but they sure are better than none, and faster to blog than my DSLR.    Memories, not perfection, Darci… right?


We are still working on our sanctuary manners!!!



Thank you Lord:  for these souls,  for Your Holy Word, for Coach Alisa and Coach Tom, for friends, for JBQ, for all the servants that work hard to provide this opportunity for the kids, and ability to hide you Word in our hearts that we might not sin against You.

P.S. Advertisement:  We’re praying for 2-3 to join our team next year for JBQ 3rd-6th graders with Hunter, and 4 more for Teen Bible Quiz to join Ving in 6th-12th!!!

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3 Comments on “hiding God’s Word : Junior Bible Quiz

  1. Congrats to boys and parents alike! Achievements are wonderful motivators.
    My very goodest friends the lovely Sittig family is taking part in Bible Quizzing too. I believe the 3 oldest took part this year. Bought 2 pies for Washington-Trip fundraiser in fall. Will you be traveling next year too?

  2. I just read this again after all these years. When I answered the invitation to join your JBQ team, I thought it would just be a fun thing to do, learn some Bible verses, and spends more time with our friends. I never knew what a tremendous blessing this would be not only in my boys’ lives, but our entire family. We will always treasure these memories, they are some of the best of their childhoods so far!! Unfortunately, with moving out of state, this is one of the important things we had to give up, and I will always feel sad about that. Thank you for inviting us into the JBQ world, your home, and your family every week. Your friendships are a blessing and a treasure to all of us. We will always be so thankful for having Coach Tom, Elisa,, and Pam and our lives! Incredible people and servants of the Lord!

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