Self Portrait : P52

P52 for last week was Self Portrait.   I confess, I didn’t do it.   For one, it was a crazy week with the pukes.    And for two, it was a difficult assignment.  My idea was to capture Judah sleeping or snuggling on my chest – but all he wants to do these days is walk-run around the house!  He has no interest in snuggling, and so it never happened.

Today is Tuck’s Move to Heaven Day, February 8th. While the Littles were beautifying my hair,  we took these photos of ourselves.  The recliner almost flipped backwards, and it captured the moment.

I’m making these my Self Portrait entry.

Joy!  And a couple bottles of Grape Detangler and Water sprayed all over Mom!

They won’t win any photo contests, but they’re winners on my blog!

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