Redeeming Valentine’s Day

Three early doctors’ appointments today for Mom and Baby7.  The chiropractor adjustment is always received well by this preggers body,  a passed Non-Stress Test showing a happy baby, and the 38 week  OB appointment revealing a 3cm dilated cervix.  Don’t get excited, it never means much.  (However, much better than NONE.)

After some accomplished errands, I returned home to be greeted in the driveway with Valentine cards.  Since this is the first Valentine’s we’ve officially celebrated since 2005 (with three and four year-olds), it was exciting!   The kids had been working on cards while I was out.  (Thanks Kim for the assistance!)

They all are adorable.  Hunter’s reads, “I wish you could stay with me forever.”   Ah, melt my mama heart!  (He reminds me often that when he gets married he doesn’t think he wants to move out or away.)

We had a Valentine’s Day lunch party.  We dipped our chocolate strawberries,  baked fancy sugar cookies (Pillsbury refrigerated boxed hearts), and opened a Valentines surprise present box from Grammie in Florida!  Fun and thanks!

Some enjoyed nap-time (Mommy), while others enjoyed our heat-wave (40’s) and made snow man aliens.   We gathered to decorate the dinner table, while Mom prepared the Valentine surprises.

Daddy arrived home early to  cook one of his masterpiece breakfast meals:  pancakes with protien powder (some shaped as hearts) served with yummy toppings and turkey sausage.  Many helpers.

My favorite time of the evening was when the children opened their Valentine’s from us:  reading aloud the words of affirmation describing themselves and allowing others to add to them.   I was then blessed to hear them describe me, a true Valentine treat.    Each child had a riddle to solve revealing a location of a Valentine surprise for each of them, fun!  I love watching them help one another and enjoy one another’s goodies.

We ended the evening with hanging out in the living room together,  some Math tutoring by Dad,  Ebay-ing my Valentine gift (a new diaper bag!), and a little blogging… delightful.

Hope you had a lovely day, knowing you are loved… by many… and most importantly the King of Kings.

Sweet Valentine Blessings,
love… darci.

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