February 8th

“He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.” Psalm 147:3 (NLT)

It’s always a strange day. Different each year.

Sleeping the night before is always difficult. This year I enjoyed listening to the Psalms throughout the night, as I did every night for most of 2006. I awoke multiple times with my preggers body to potty, wondering if “this was the time” He saw Jesus that night.

Morning came, February 8th, and I asked the Lord to show me His mighty presence this day. Irv had major work stuff, and worked from early morning until 7:30 pm, so the day was not planned as I had hoped.

Sweet Gina, graced our morning with her delightful presence on her way to work. Starbucks, take-out breakfast, Christmas presents, and her smiling face were all a blessing.

I desired to paint Tucker’s Life Memory frame a new color and add it to the family Bible room. It had been hung in our bedroom, but wasn’t the right spot.  Some black spray paint, a freezing garage, face masks, and some helpers… and mission accomplished.

I had intentions of taking the kids on a fun outing to McDonald’s playground and visiting the cemetery. Yet, as 11:30am approached, I had limited strength, and looking at them all in their footie-jammies, I decided we’d be most stable staying home.

I started freaking a bit with limited patience around noon,  and suddenly w the driveway alarm chimed that a vehicle was arriving.   The Lord sent sweet Julie for the lunch-shift! Ha! She graced our lunch hour, brought her Upper Crust Cakery Cookies, played rounds of hide-n-seek, dressed the LIttles, and stayed to help with naps. What a gift from God, again showing me His presence and that He was loving on me.

Many emails, calls, cards, and remembrances of my Tucker. I am a blessed woman.   Thank YOU.

A delightful and much needed 3 hour nap, for me!

We awoke, did our evening chores, and the Biggies loaded the van with the Littles for an outing to Burger King drive-thru (huge treat) with dinner in the parking lot, and then a fun library visit.  Dad joined us at the library and we all came home for dessert and Tucker Videos.

Many great conversations about Tucker, death, and Heaven throughout the day with the kids.   A few of my favorites:

4yo  “I wish I was never born.  I wish I just stayed in Heaven so I could play with Tucker every day.”

10yo “When I grow up, I am going to build a time machine.  That way, I can go back to 2006 and make sure Tucker lives, so he could be here with us and be part of our family.”

4yo “I know God loves me. He loves you too Mom.  He’s got the whole world in His hands, right?  When is He going to let go of it?  I wish He would let go, so I could live my own life…. and be my own boss.”  (???what???? This followed with MANY words of great discussion!)

Savored the memories, shed some tears…

Thanked God for His many gifts.

: Grateful for the chapters of Tucker White Salisbury in our family story.

Irv updated Tucker’s website this week, check it out.

“He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.” Psalm 147:3 (NLT)

Click here to watch videos, Homesick is my fav.

Click here to see pictures.

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One Comment on “February 8th

  1. Wow. God is so good and faithful. Thank you for sharing about this day. I was in prayer for you last Tuesday. The Tucker Life Memory frame is beautiful! I love how you have your Bible in a stand on the kitchen counter. Is that a special stand made for Bibles? Or a cookbook stand?
    Love you friend!

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