thou wilt show me the path of life

Thou wilt show me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.” Psalm 16:11

The media has many “fixes” for our problems. After reading Psalm 16:11, God impressed upon me to not go searching for the newest fix, but to trust Him for my journey to wellness.

I have purposed to be in HIS presence with my quiet time and throughout my day. In HIS presence, I know HE will guide me with His plan for me to get well. I desire to be filled to fulness with HIS joy, rather than trying to fill myself with things of this world.

Spiritually, I plan to:

have my quiet time daily, preferably at 6am.

read daily “The Bible in One Year in chronological order”

journal and do my Believing God, Beth Moore Bible study as I can

memorize a scripture a week that I can speak out loud in this spiritual battle against my stronghold to food and self-destruction

However, I cannot begin this journey to wellness without addressing diet and exercise. To succeed, additional action must be taken! I must pick up my mat and walk. Lord, please give me your wisdom!

There are many great diet plans out there. I know, I have done many of them. Trim for Life, Weight Watchers (too many to count), LA Weigh Loss, Atkins, South Beach, diabetic exchange, and the Zone. I even tried the Christian versions with Weigh Down and First Place. They all are good, and they all work when implemented. What will I eat?

In the realm of food, I’ll try to:

wait until my stomach audibly growls before eating

take my multivitamin and probiotics daily

drink more water

omit simple sugar

choose higher fiber items, with whole grain complex carbs

watch carbohydrate intake like I did during my pregnancy

eat the smallest amount possible to feel satisfied and not hungry

use to track eating and learn healthier choices

I am an athlete. Well, I once was an athlete. I still am an athlete at heart, but at eighty pounds overweight, it is very difficult for me to even attempt athletics. I have trouble buckling my bra, twisting backwards, my thighs chaffe, and my wrists can barely hold me up doing “Christian Yoga”. I desire to be a fit mama, and do all things my boys do as they grow up. Where do I begin? I know I must move more on this journey to wellness.

In the realm of physical activity, I purpose to:

exercise a minimum of 15 minutes a day

spend 10 minutes with each child alone doing something

May these be guidelines on my journey to wellness. This is not a legalistic list of to-do’s.

May I live in the Lord’s strength.

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