pukes & gratitude

Late last night, we enjoyed tea, fellowship, and snow humor as she drove off the driveway into the snowy tundra.   Her parting words of love, “What can I do to bless you this week?”

“Pray that we don’t get the pukes and poops and that I have my baby at the hospital this time.”  I responded with a smile.

Three AM I found myself half awake in the bathroom.  My normal multi-trip bladder stop, now included the pukes.  Not kidding.

Belly round, 36-37 weeks blossomed, and my fear materialized.  The pukes.

Over the hum of the air cleaner working fiercely beside me, family communications of all types now radiate from the downstairs.

I’m counting gifts, even here.   The journal reads…

  • vomiting only once, so far
  • sleep and my Hubby to care for all the blessings in my absence
  • mommy “screen time”
  • being sick on a Saturday – more convenient
  • Campbell’s chicken soup
  • short sunshine blast through my window this grey day
  • baby totes scattered across bedroom floor to be unpacked
  • bassinet to assemble
  • pine trees
  • G2 Gatorade – low carb
  • insulin and testers to regulate gestational diabetes
  • air purifiers
  • prayer
  • never being alone
  • nasal irrigators
  • warm showers
  • extra toothbrushes from dentist appointments
  • seemingly improving health, and not heading to ER as with last 2 pregnancies and the pukes!
  • quiet time to finish reading 1,000 Gifts

I embrace today, and like everyday, I believe it is a Divine appointment.  I finished the book, and have time to process what God is stirring in me.

Tuesday, February 8th, will be 5 years of the tragic and unexpected death Tucker.  Today I am gifted quiet time, rest, and an opportunity to reflect.

2011 I’m practicing verbally and physically counting the gifts around me, from God. How He loves me. It’s miraculous, practicing thankfulness in the everyday. Joy.  (For an update on recent posts, read here and here and here.)

I’m excited of the work God is doing in me, changing me.  My prayer, “Change me O Lord, and help me experience and feel the every moments of my life, my days, and live without numbness. Live without regret. Without anger, frustration, and impatience.   Help me see You, and know that I am loved.”

I didn’t want the book to end. As I read my online version on my Ipad through Kindle, I actually scrolled through every single page to the end, past the book, reading the Notes, Acknowledgments, Bible Translations, Note for Author, Praise, Copyright, and About the Publisher sections… hoping for some extra book-trailers or something… more, like a movie! Ha!

Tomorrow, February 6th, I am looking forward to the journey of reading the book again, with Bloom Book Club over at DaySpring.  I’ve highlighted sections  to spend more time in prayer over and ponder, and I’m excited to listen to Ann, the author, discuss the book.   I’m imagining it to be a little Bible Study of sorts, digging deeper.

Would you consider joining me? I’ve never done anything like this before, but each chapter has a video and discussion with the Bloom Girls and the author Ann Voskamp.  You just click in and watch the video on Sundays and Wednesdays.     If you decide to join us, please let me know.

Oh, and if you have an extra prayer-moment, please pray that these germs remain only in my bedroom?

Thanks for the love.

Grateful for the gift of you, today, on the other side of this screen.

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3 Comments on “pukes & gratitude

  1. So sorry you’re ill! Praying it is gone quickly and that no one else in your home gets it. I’ll be praying for a safe and quick (but not TOO quick!) delivery, too. Excited to hear about the arrival of your newest….

    I am also reading 1,000 Gifts and plan to join the study on Monday as well. I’m sure it will be wonderful! And, I have begun my own list in a journal…..seeking the joy in the everyday myself.

    Much love.

  2. Noooooooooo. Not the pukes!

    Like how you thanked God for pine trees.

    I thank God for YOU! For how He radiates so mightily through every pore of your being. How He sustains you and sings over you and loves you way more than more. And how, even though I should be fast asleep, He’s brought me here so I could know how to thank and pray. Off to do just that. Love you friend! L

  3. Darci: I just received the book and I am anxious to start reading it. I will be joining in on the study as well. I am going to Fripp to baby-sit twin boys for a week so the timing is perfect to begin. Praying for you to feel better. Love to you and your family.

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