random gifts …

  • my husband-pastor leading awesome home church (while ill)
  • little girlfriend
  • hair cuts in the kitchen, by a sweet friend
  • daddy teaching¬† Biggies to bring requests reverently before the Lord
  • yogurt faces and chairs
  • fresh pencils erasers, and brothers to illustrate stories
  • hair pretties hovering over flippies and new growth

  • imaginary stamps being distributed by 3yo
  • books with exciting ideas and knowledge for boys creating
  • lost Eden Grace earring, found, after 5 days and still goes in!
  • hunter-zaiah bedtime diaper change humor
  • seeing baby7 on ultrasound, sucking aggressively on hands, wrist, feet and umbilical cord!
  • tidied house

  • 3yo abounding heart to love, forgive, seek forgiveness, forgive, and be oh so sensitive!¬† May it grow for God’s purpose in his life and to glorify Him.
  • electricity and light
  • clearance prices on light fixtures
  • 19 month old princess delighting in water coming from bathroom faucet as she learns to wash her hands
  • tidied bookshelves
  • sunrise through barren trees
  • electric jumper cable thingies- to the rescue!
  • reliable vehicle and transportation
  • lingering snowflakes in air on a crisp morning, basking in the sunshine

  • siblings
  • provision of a job and that pays for overtime to provide for our family
  • a day of rest
  • hubby willing to serve our family so I can get extra rest
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3 Comments on “random gifts …

  1. even though this is not my list, it sparks thankful thoughts in my own life when I read it!

    thanking and praying for you and family! (almost finished with dolls & dresses… :o) !)

  2. You have so much to be grateful for!! Are you keeping the sex a surprise? We are too, for the first time!

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