HE is faithful

My sweet sister-friend came all the way from TN to share life with me in person,  last week.  Oh, how I was blessed, as always.   Kindred spirits we are, indeed.

Today, once again, my heart was knit to hers in tears and prayer.  We’ve been here before.   Intimacy.

We thank God already for answered prayers!

I am reminded of God’s amazing faithfulness in my grief.   When each breath seems unbearable.   When decisions, actions, and living life are necessary.   God gave me this scripture…

Deuteronomy 31:8
The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”

The words goes before you and will be with you, are words written on my heart.   When I couldn’t bear to do the next thing,  I reminded God that He went before me and was with me… so HE could just do the next thing… and He did.

To my sweet friend Julie tonight,  receiving the diagnosis today that her fourth child (who is turning three this Christmas),  has cystic fibrosis… the burden of decisions looming and an uncertain life….

HE is faithful to always go before you – claim it, pray it, believe it!

I. Heart. You!

Girlfriends, will you join me in praying for her family tonight?

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4 Comments on “HE is faithful

  1. Darci–Your friend and her son will always be in my prayers. Cystic Fibrosis families are near and dear to my heart. It was 5 years ago last month that our sweet Delaney was diagnosed with an atypical case of C.F. So much has changed for us since then, and as you know the Lord is SO faithful and will carry your friend and her family through this. We are so close to a cure. Praying praying praying, that she will feel God’s presence and be comforted.

  2. My heart is racing as I read this blog. The Lord will carry you through this Julie and I will certainly lift your family up in prayer. Only HE can calm our hearts and help us through this unbearable reality! Be strong and trust in HIM! God Bless!

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