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I just spent about 30 minutes participating in phase II of the T.E.A.R. Study.

Grief is weird.  That is the best adjective I have for it tonight, and I have had many adjectives for it these past years.  Oh, have I.

As I completed the questions, I found myself remembering things I don’t like to and once again questioning, “This is really my story? This really happened to me.”

Weird, grief is.

In the describe your story section, I simply copied and pasted sections from TuckerSalisbury.com  as I didn’t have the energy tonight to “go there”.   I’m sure they’ll understand.

The  information gathered from the T.E.A.R Study will be used to help understand how people grieve who have experienced the death of a child and help health care professionals deal with grief.

I found it extrememly difficult to explain the importance of knowing the One Who Heals,  surviving and healing because of Jesus, and the importance of Salvation,  in this type of survey.

Well, I did my best –  checking the “other” box often and writing my “cents” down as much as the box allowed me to type.   I wonder if they’ll file me into the “very helpful”, “crazy lady”, or the _____ pile?  hehe.

I hope that someone reading will see the Truth behind my survival.

There were actually different questions about how does RELIGION and SPIRITUALITY (separate question) rank in importance.   They are different, to many people, I suppose.

Anyway, if you have personal experience with grieving the death of a child  (I’m so sorry, and am your-friend-in-grief), please consider clicking over to the study.

From the email they sent me: Please follow the link below to participate in the T.E.A.R. Study! Or go directly to the main website here!

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4 Comments on “T.E.A.R. Study

  1. Darci- I don’t care how scaled down your responses were- it is impossible for you to share your story and healing process WITHOUT the Lord and His provision and power shining through! It is such an integral part of who you are, and how you were brought through is such a picture of God’s grace and mercy. They will get it. And maybe, someone will be saved through reading it. I love you and your heart!

  2. i was reading this earlier as Marie was walking by. “TUCKER!” she yelled, and ran over. “Let me see him again! Look Tab, it’s Tucker.”

    He will never be forgotten in our home, Darci.

  3. Every time i read any of your posts about Tucker all i can think is “I cannot even being to imagine…” but if for some reason something did ever happen to any of my children or someone else i know lost any of their children, you would be the first person i would go to for encouragment and help. You are a strong woman thanks to God, even though you dont feel like you are at times.

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