celebrating bathroom style…

Bathroom style,  it’s a first for us…

Three of the kids had annual well-child-check appointments today at the Pediatrician’s office.  Super dad himself was fast at getting Isaiah into the tub, because Salis-kids are always clean… ahem…

The Biggies quickly scooped up the birthday surprises and started the celebrations in the bathroom.  Excellent time management and multi-tasking.  It was great.   I recommend it, and the birthday song has great reverberations off the tiles.


We served Dad’s birthday treats for breakfast… chocolate covered cherries….



I’m glad the toilet was clean.  I didn’t know you were coming over today to visit! I love unexpected company…


Since our weaving lessons last spring in our Native American project study,  it’s becoming a staple gift.  This one was supposed to be a basket, but we haven’t learned how to make that shape yet.   Hunter made a pencil holder for Dad at Color Me Mine.   Dad’s taking his birthday loot to his office desk.  He is sooooo loved!


We love Tucker’s birthday hat, and books!   We are looking forward to hearing Dad read aloud Pilgrims Progress.  Voting is open for how long it will take us.

This early morning photo is a tad fuzzy, but it captures the moment…


Have you ever received a birthday Lego card?   So cool.


We ended the night with birthday couch snuggles.  It was so lovely, words nor this photo captures it!


We love you Irv – Daddy.   I thank God for you always, and am so thankful for each day we have together.  You are sooooo not getting old, just more distinguished.

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3 Comments on “celebrating bathroom style…

  1. Did NOT realize Irv was a December birthday! I knew I liked the guy. ;)
    Glad the day was fun. ?

  2. I’m honestly not sure how I stumbled across your site tonight, but I’m so thankful I did. I’ve spent the past two hours skimming the stories of your life. . . with tears in my eyes. I ache with you, with an intensity that defies our history. We are strangers and yet your loss and grief moves me like we are family. Tucker. Oh, sweet baby, Tucker. . . I have a 9 month old son and just lost a baby through miscarriage in November. . . The ache I experienced in that loss was profound, but envisioning the loss of Jonah is almost more than my heart can handle. . . I can’t even fathom the depth of pain you feel in Tuckers absence. I sense the activity of God in your story. . . It is evident to me that His intent over Tucker was not complete at his burial. Many will be awakened, healed and liberated through the faith and promise that arises from the ashes of this pain. . . Your family is beautiful. The picture being painted on the canvas of your home is riddled with traces of the Divine! I believe you are nurturing warriors of the King of Kings! You are an inspiration. Tonight. To me. A stranger.
    Blessings to you all!!

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