counting His gifts : January : Joy Dare

51: one gift that made you quiet: silence. 52-54: 3 gifts from God’s Word:  Power.  Strength.  Promise. 55:  a grace in the kitchen:  Kitchen helper.  I prayed for one, purchased one from a sweet sharing friend.  Painted it… Read More

counting His gifts : January week 2 : Joy Dare

22:  light that caught you:  Peering through the large foyer window, through the chandelier, and reflecting on my hubby,  cozily reading on the couch. 23: a reflection that surprised you : My cherry angiomas on my face!  At… Read More

joining the Joy Dare, grateful for…

I’ve been counting gifts, and practicing gratitude through 2011 after reading One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp. 2012 I’m continuing the count, joining the Joy Dare, and purposing, Lord willing, to count 1,000 more gifts in 2012. 1-3:… Read More


I’m linking up to P52 to help keep me on track for learning more about my fancy camera in 2012. My main reasons: Reason #1: Ving took a photography class this fall at our Homeschool Academy. Thereafter, he… Read More


Today I count His gifts. :: restful vacation.  Grateful! :: a rented boat. As I type, I’m a bit nauseous.   The ground beneath me rocks.   Just a few hours on a rented boat leaves me still floating, with… Read More