2012 Video – Christmas Card

Due to illness, Christmas 2012 Irv had occasional downtime, and he created this 2012 video for the family I love it.   It makes me cry.  Tears of overwhelming gratitude, blessings, and chapters of our lives together. Since… Read More

Swimming & Hula-hooping

Recently, I realized that poolside this summer, I would have FIVE children that couldn’t swim.  Anxiety! I contacted my sweet niece Kristina, instructor & lifeguard extraordinaire, and she kindly agreed to teach these three a lesson weekly until… Read More

1SE App 2013 : January, February, & March

I am enjoying the  1SE App –  One Second Everyday.   It still has bugs to work out, but thus far I have been able to record one second daily of our life, and I am amazed at… Read More

still HomeGrowing ….

Thank you friends for the warm welcome back. Almost a year has passed since I last blogged, and I have missed it. There are just seasons in life. I’m glad to be back. So much homegrowing happens around… Read More

2010 – and a new year

2010… Full. Blessed. Busy. Grateful. 2010 reflected. After 2 years of moving preparations, the SOLD sign hung.   We moved 15 minutes north, cutting our expenses in half and into a blessed, efficient home – wonderful for our family… Read More