february snippets

Grief of Tucker overwhelms February with a foggy blur.   It lessens each passing year, but deep emotions seem to arise from the subconscious and continuously surprise me.   That’s grief.  Weird, and the result of loving much. Last… Read More

i’m not tired

I purpose to have a quiet hour each afternoon. Isaac often states, “But I’m not tired.” Tiredness is not required for quiet hour.   Quiet is required for quiet hour, while each person quiets into their own space for… Read More

expectations & key-less

Key-less, and missing you. A few moments alone at mommy’s desk, with fun silver squares, creating a  whole new Lego experience. I was forewarned by a wise son.    I prepared myself a few hours, then greeted my… Read More

gifts: my curious and determined Little Girlfriend

The bowels and diaper area of Eden Grace do not react well to orange juice.  We dilute her cup 1:4 with oj:water, but she now knows. Recently, she can be found stealing her brothers’ oj cups. Today, she… Read More

photo flashback: summer attack

And the winner is….. ? You decide. They might be smaller, but they really hold their own! Theses boys are boys!   And, we really don’t tolerate dominating / teasing one another.  I heard about this day /… Read More