Real chat …

My bedroom carpet is rough, and dirty. Plenty of tasks I could do. I sit here leaning against my bed nebulizing the baby, again. Many weeks of him sleeping in the bouncy seat to stay prone, to help… Read More

Swimming & Hula-hooping

Recently, I realized that poolside this summer, I would have FIVE children that couldn’t swim.  Anxiety! I contacted my sweet niece Kristina, instructor & lifeguard extraordinaire, and she kindly agreed to teach these three a lesson weekly until… Read More

outside fun & God’s faithfulness

Last spring we moved.   Unlike our past four moves, where we moved onto bigger & supposedly better homes, this move was different.  Our two year journey of selling and moving, was a step of faith, obedience, and trusting… Read More

HE’s got the whole world in HIS hands…

I just received these photos today.  WOW. I also had time to talk with Mom about the particulars.  Her testimony is amazing.    They say none of them should have survived. Mom was in the back seat, unbuckled.  The… Read More


Eden Grace, sporting her fall outfit from Grammie…. Thanksgiving, full of love.  We enjoyed family, fellowship, and all the fixings…  We have so much to give thanks for… Mom is doing well.  She is home today at her… Read More