Girl Night

Happy 9th Birthday to sweet Kiya! Eden Grace and I enjoyed a fun girl night with Manicures, dinner at Red Robin and ending with watching The Sound of Music. We love Kim and Kiya, and are blessed to… Read More

random acts of love

I’m here, I’m here.    Miss you, really.    I love to blog, but I’ve been loving living life more.  My computer minutes are few these days.    In the spirit of few-minutes, I’m piggybacking blog posts. I must share my… Read More

heart of this baker

Sitting at an appointment, the tv televised a funeral.  It appeared very important.  “Who died?” I asked.   The entire room stopped  and stared at me in aghast. “Um, that would be a president – Reagan,” someone shockingly answered…. Read More

HE is faithful

My sweet sister-friend came all the way from TN to share life with me in person,  last week.  Oh, how I was blessed, as always.   Kindred spirits we are, indeed. Today, once again, my heart was knit to… Read More

great communicators

Home-educating our children began as a decision to follow the path the Lord set before us.  We love it. Our primary purpose is to raise homegrown kids that love the Lord our God and His Word with all… Read More