Isaiah is SIX!

Love this boy!!! He started his day sharing four boxes of banned, sugar cereal with his siblings, for a breakfast of champions! We headed to Lunch at Pizza Hut with our book-it coupons! Then we went bowling with… Read More


  Ving is 13???? I still can’t believe it.   Closer to manhood – and I prefer the verbiage ‘Young Man’, rather that ‘teenager’ and all the negative associations that come with it.   Ving is a young… Read More

happy TWO!

Judah… Cheerful, thoughtful, brave and protector of the needy. Loves his paci and scrunching his own (or anyones) hair in his hand. Always climbing, jumping, running, and crashing. Boy of few words, yet understands everything being said and… Read More

happy birthday to me!

Mom repeatedly states she can’t believe a year has passed.  I’m ONE!   My first birthday party was super-duper fun.   The family surprised me in my bedroom with a good-morning, happy birthday song!   I beamed with specialness.   Dad brought… Read More

4 months!

Judah’s third month has whizzed by.  Today, he is officially four months! He is the most content and delightful baby.   He sleeps a solid 10 hours at night, sometimes more.   He will fuss when he is hungry, but… Read More