Day of Play

Friday, we journeyed to the National Museum of Play. Our membership expires the end of this month and I wanted to make one more trip. We have enjoyed this wonderful Christmas gift Uncle Jared gave us last year…. Read More

Decorating Homes

On Monday, we headed to Classical Conversations Academy to join them for their holiday party and gingerbread house decorating. It was fun! I felt totally lame bringing my four boxes of store-bought, preassembled gingerbread houses. Days earlier, I… Read More

Garden Blessing & Not One Plant!

Friday I kept busy, as to not pout about no-BIRTH-day.  Kim, Kiya and our Gang headed out to garage sales,  visited a lovely park, and went garden supply shopping.  Friday evening Irv and Hunter began turning the soil, but… Read More


This past week would have been impossible without Grammie. While I had to parent the middle-schoolers over the phone, I didn’t have one worry of the children while at the hospital. The hospital stay was more draining on… Read More

snowsports, blooming & Jesus shine

The doctor reports my blood tests reveal very low vitamin D levels, perhaps contributing to my extreme fatigue and winter blahs.   I know it’s not pregnancy, nor lack of sleep.   Sunshine is the cure for this ailment!   Being… Read More