Snow & Sunshine

What a beautiful day The Lord made! The sun was shining and fresh fallen snow weighted the tree branches. We have three little people with a tummy bug, so our schedule changed a bit today. Little people had… Read More

Spring is…

… footie-jammie-painting on the deck!     … discovering sunglasses!     …being serious…     … picnics in the yard…     … always the season for pizza!     … discovering parks, sunshine, and sibling fun… Read More


April has flown by, and I sense urgency as May approaches and we prepare for baby… Six year old Isaac wanted to display his recent accomplishment, wiggling his teeth aggressively yields loss!  He is so proud.  I am… Read More

Swimming & Hula-hooping

Recently, I realized that poolside this summer, I would have FIVE children that couldn’t swim.  Anxiety! I contacted my sweet niece Kristina, instructor & lifeguard extraordinaire, and she kindly agreed to teach these three a lesson weekly until… Read More

still HomeGrowing ….

Thank you friends for the warm welcome back. Almost a year has passed since I last blogged, and I have missed it. There are just seasons in life. I’m glad to be back. So much homegrowing happens around… Read More