the best field trip EVER!

A few weeks ago I signed up to attend a field trip to our county’s 911 emergency call center.   The act of signing up reminded me of my desire to acquire a copy of Eden’s 911 mini-van-birth… Read More

Awesome and Amazing

Two weeks old! It’s taken time for Eden’s birth adventure to absorb fully into my mind and to the depths of my soul. I stand in awe and amazement! This birth experience was definitely awesome and amazing.  I… Read More

full-circle… Her Birth Story

Masterly orchestrated events… the LORD has brought us full-circle. A birth,  in our mini-van, and in our friends driveway. As the ambulance pulled into Highland Hospital,  my heart was overwhelmed with joy & peace.   My mind suddenly… Read More

Every Salisbaby has to have a story…

First contraction to birth … 45 minutes…..  in a driveway…. in a van ….. Last night, I clicked “publish” for my post “fully-cooked,  fully encouraged” at 11:29pm. I instantly had one of my first contractions of the day……. Read More

the sport of labor

Today, May 20th has had a special place on our family calender. It is Dad White’s 57th birthday – Happy Birthday Dad!   Today is also the last day anything official was allowed to be scheduled before Eden’s arrival…. Read More