judah cougle

Praising GOD for Salis-Baby7, our sixth son….   Judah Cougle Born at 10:05pm, Feb 24th. 7#4oz … at the hospital! Judah:  One who praises God. From the Hebrew meaning “thanks, gratitude, praise.” Cougle: family name. love it. (Darci’s maternal… Read More

miscarriage completed… being still.

“Trust your lives to the God who created you, for he will never fail you.” 1 Peter 4:19b It can be difficult to write when one’s heart and mind are still processing it all, but I need to… Read More

I’m here. Life. My Rock. Death. Choices. Focus. The Cross.

I have missed ya’ll.  Really.  Thanks for checking in and loving me. Bloggers aren’t supposed to apologize for not posting or make excuses, so I won’t go there.   But I have missed you. I’m here.  I’m here…. Read More

the secret place

I close this month of February with this beautiful photo of Tucker still in my belly.  This was taken the day of his birth. Our family’s hands mark time, as we embrace his soon arrival. Oh, I remember… Read More

split second gasps

Well, you might remember a slight detail from my MANY birth posts… That when you just pull into your friends driveway at mid-night, in labor, requesting their assistance…. Their husband might come outside to help too. As I… Read More