Cookie Day

I believe there should be such a day, in the month of December. However, none of my children have any memories of a December cookie day with Mom. But, I do. It was Christmas of 2005, and I… Read More

breakfast anyone?

yummy… Breakfast can be annoying.  What to eat? Today, I sent Hunter to the garden… We both LOVE fried eggplant dipped in marinara… yum.   Slice, dip in egg, drudge in wheat germ, wheat flour, & Italian seasonings. Cook… Read More

thanks… polk-a-dot-ish … & spinach-basil-poultry soup

Humble thanks to you sweet friends.   Thanks for the love regarding my post Stumbling A Child, last week.    I debated whether to post or not-to-post.  After I clicked publish,  I wanted to delete it.   I’m thankful we are… Read More

turkey chili

Fancy chefs (or wanna-bees) beware, I am not a gourmet cook.  Serious.  I’ve been know to have kitchen-issues. My kitchen abilities have grown slowly these past 15 years.   I had little training as a younster, lived the physician-assistant-busy-career-life early… Read More

cough, cough, cough…and POOPOO soup

The flu and H1N1 have hit our area.  Many friend’s families have been hit hard. Everywhere I turn there’s questions, vaccinations, anxieties and hand sanitizer. I am thankful we have not contracted it, yet we haven’t been 100%… Read More