Real chat …

My bedroom carpet is rough, and dirty. Plenty of tasks I could do. I sit here leaning against my bed nebulizing the baby, again. Many weeks of him sleeping in the bouncy seat to stay prone, to help… Read More

“A Quiet Place of Rest”

Literally …. “A Quiet Place of Rest”. (My Bible study book!). At hospital since woken at 3am with terrible pain. Lol. Prayers appreciated. Stone lodged in upper ureter and big. In a few minutes I’m going to OR… Read More

My Word 2013…..

LifeGiver …. The past four years I have chosen a word for each year. My ‘word’ has come in various forms. Usually a conviction of God, an area I know I need to improve upon, practice, or desire… Read More

from a sweet girlfriend… blessed for friends!

Dear Valentine, My Valentine’s gift for you wouldn’t be flowers or chocolates. It would be a week get-a-way for you and yours, with ready made breakfasts…such things as crepes with fresh fruit.  Horse drawn carriage rides with multiple… Read More

Self Portrait : P52

P52 for last week was Self Portrait.   I confess, I didn’t do it.   For one, it was a crazy week with the pukes.    And for two, it was a difficult assignment.  My idea was to capture Judah… Read More