celebrating bathroom style…

Bathroom style,  it’s a first for us… Three of the kids had annual well-child-check appointments today at the Pediatrician’s office.  Super dad himself was fast at getting Isaiah into the tub, because Salis-kids are always clean… ahem… The… Read More

wordless wednesday: ice-packs for dad’s lunch

my favorite CEO

Okay.  I’m definitely a mom of boys.  And, one very big boy.   I love the biggest boy a lot. He’s the King of my castle and my favorite CEO. I know we’ve discussed this before. But, for… Read More

happy anniversary

I’ve been wanting to do a post with this photo, but I have been waiting for the words to go with it.   The emotions are here today, just not so sure exactly about the words… yet. The cemetery. … Read More

be still, the cloud is moving

I am blessed to be a wife to my wonderful hubby. He is my knight in shinning armor for sure. I have been praying for the Lord to give him a rhema, a Word for all our current… Read More