“Hormones,” not a surprising title for a preggers blogger, huh? Well, they have been wrecking havoc around here.  Not only mine, but my hubby’s. I’ve been trying to keep people updated on the situation via email, text, and… Read More


I cleaned my desk this week and discovered a soon-to-expire gift certificate for a local Finger Lake Inn.     Irv and I discussed what to do with the certificate and thoughts of who we could mail it to that… Read More

gifts: BlendTec & green smoothies

Hubby and I don’t normally give Christmas gifts to one another, but this year we purchased a group gift, a BlendTec, for ourselves.  We’ve been needing a blender for awhile, and are so excited to finally be able… Read More

reflections this december…

Each night I desire to blog in mind, but this body sleeps.  Sleeps, a lot.   We are 30+ weeks now, blessed growing another Salisbaby.  My heart is full of anticipation to meet this Little Person.  I long to… Read More

october, november….

and soon to be December!   Each day here is filled with blessings, duties, and Homegrowing fun.    Salisbaby7, aka Baby-Hiccup, is growing well.  I seem to need to sleep a lot, and still nap daily, so that keeps my… Read More