Whew, what a week. We’ve been waiting for the surgeons call, and it finally came today around 5:00. When we left the hospital on Wednesday, we were fighting discouragement. The cortisol blood test we were hoping to go… Read More


We are home! Resting and sleeping. Thanking God and all of you for prayers and love. We have multiple appointments and blood draws in coming days as we regulate hormones and heal …. Blessings. Irv Salisbury. FYI, Irv… Read More

3/19 Irv Update

Today was rough and tough. Irv didn’t sleep last night at all, and just finally fell asleep at 8:30. Please pray he can sleep through his yuckies, and awake tomorrow improved. He’s having issues with his sodium levels… Read More

Irv’s request …

Irv just asked me to request prayer. He’s not in a good place, nor up for talking to me. Nauseated, extreme fatigue, hormone issues they are testing/waiting/treating, dizziness, sodium issues, and headache. We aren’t going home, obviously. Thanks….


Your browser does not support the video tag Irv LOVED this Daddy moment last night after our circle and prayer time. The kids were “filling his love tank” at his request, with a special goodnight hug-pile-tackle. Trials have… Read More