Again … tumor & surgery?

  Worship service,  a lovely walk, and swinging in the sunshine this beautiful Sabbath day.  Makes my heart sing! Irv and I chatting, few words. Just being. Sharing what God’s Word has been speaking to our hearts.  Truth,… Read More

Garden Blessing & Not One Plant!

Friday I kept busy, as to not pout about no-BIRTH-day.  Kim, Kiya and our Gang headed out to garage sales,  visited a lovely park, and went garden supply shopping.  Friday evening Irv and Hunter began turning the soil, but… Read More

Irv’s April

We are now 5 weeks out from Irv’s surgery. At the three week follow up appointment, the surgeons shared that while they did remove an ACTH producing tumor, they may have not removed all of it, because the… Read More

17 days

17 days post-op now. Irv is gradually feeling better. He’s been doing more, and eager to not spend so much time in the man-cave we created for him (bedroom). However, he is tired and not feeling well by… Read More

10 days

I’m posting this update for all you loving peoples that are asking and wondering… Ten days post-op, and struggling here. The doctor predicted 6-8 weeks of recovery, but I guess we didn’t totally believe him. We had hoped… Read More